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Hot teens are always a big hit and this website 12XEighteen.com is yet another site where you find hot young gals that want to be watched as they are going wet and wild for the camera!! From what I can see the tour looks quite clean but as usual, if you want to know all the details about this hot teen site then you better keep on reading for the full review below, ciao!

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The main page of 12X Eighteen.com loads rather quick and if you are horny for some sexy teens, then you are in the right place....you will soon notice at the right of the page there is a big list of niches, those are the bonus goodies that you receive as a member of this website but let's check out the Teens now.

At the center of the page you have what I think are the latest updates with the teens and I have noticed that there is a search box located just under the menu where you have these links by the way Home, Videos, Search, Video Feeds and Support. Near the most recent updates from the main page you have other links that connect you with the other pages where you find further updates and there are 4 inside pages actually.

When you click on the preview images that you have on the main page of the site, you will be taken to a new page where the streaming videos start - they are in flash format and when it comes to the download options you can save it on your hard disk by using the link under the streaming window, they are in .mpg format and the download speed was around 180 k/sec so not that quick if you ask me. When you check the pages, you will see that there are more clips if you compare them to the main video pages - some of the teens were very hot and they had this sexy lingerie, you know kind of outfits the girls love to use for teasing us.

I tried to use the search field that you have at the top of the page with the query "brunette" and it returned me a few photo sets, hmm not that many though. The photo galleries have small screen captures for the preview images and the full sized photos look pretty average with a resolution of what I think it's around 800 pixels - that's it when it comes to the main content, then you can always decide to check the video feeds or the bonus niches that you find on the main page.


What I have said in the last lines of the full review above pretty much sums up the contents about this website 12X Eighteen.com - the quality of the content looks ok and I would say that there is a medium amount of content available - the interesting thing is that they give you really many other niches to choose from when it comes to the extras that come with the very same membership.

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