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Alexis Golden is a real life swinger and cougar and this is her official website. Since being persuaded to establish her own site by girls she had met on her swinging adventures with her husband, she has become one of the most popular amateur milfs on the internet and is more popular than many professional stars. She particularly loves big black cocks and anal sex, and she hosts regular meet-and-greets with her fans who, if they are VERY lucky, could become her next conquest!

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Her site is still laden with the same slightly disappointing navigation and layout that it has had for a while. I think that the use of a frames based layout is too old-fashioned nowadays. There is plenty of information about Alexis and about her content and the different ways you can contact her - interaction is a major part of her site, and this side of things was excellent. However, the image galleries are really poorly presented, I think, and these could easily be upgraded to a better system. The videos were not much better, plus I think the update information should be clearer and that all sets of content should be dated.

As you might expect then, the video and photo options were really quite disappointing. There is only one .WMV option on the video front and whilst you can and stream and download this, all videos play at 640x480px only. There are no .ZIP downloads on any of the photo galleries, and most photos were sized at only 450x600px, with no other options to choose from. There are currently 97 photo galleries and 258 videos, and the site updated around three times per week.

It is definitely safe to say that Alexis has built up a pretty mighty following in the last couple of years and as a result of her success I have seen her on several mainstream sites recently. It's no surprise really - 40 year olds rarely look quite as astonishingly hot as she does, with a figure that the hours of hard work she puts into it clearly paying dividends for her. She doesn't like 'plastic porn stars' and she is determined to be the antithesis to them.

She still has the classic busty blonde look though and she uses it to fantastic effect. Her regular hardcore hook-ups with her favoured well hung black guys see her completely uninhibited whilst regular lesbian sessions with amateurs and pro models shows her to be just as eager for pussy as she is for cock. She is so good-looking though I am left wanting some more solo stuff from her too - she has the figure for glamour modelling and I would like to see her do more of that kind of thing too.


If ever a site needed its model and content to be really good, it's Alexis With a layout and navigation that were a let-down, it is left to some occasionally scintillating hardcore and lesbian swinging action to make this into a very good site indeed. She is clearly a very driven woman and whilst that attitude can work against some similar models, it does not do the same to her - she puts it into her content creating some rough sex scenes that could not really have been much better. She is pretty much the benchmark for milfs everywhere.

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