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Take a ride along the hershey highway with Anal Wishes, and watch these sluts squirm and moan as they take big dicks up their tight backdoors! Though the tour for Anal Wishes is only a few pages, the tour is colorful, attractive and offers quite a few nice pictures. I would have appreciated a sample video clip, but it wasn't that critical.

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The member home page of Anal is not one of the easiest navigated pages that I have come across in my reviewing life. The top portion of the main member's page offers you links to Movies, Photos, Bonus Feeds, DVD Archive, Customer Support (which is not active at this time), and Find A Date (which is an online dating site specializing in not-so-serious relationships). On the top left of the page is a drop down menu with links to twenty-five other bonus sites you get access to with your “Anal Wishes” membership. The rest of the page is devoted to what the site promises to deliver: Movies with a lot of different sluts taking it up the ass. Here you will find forty-five movies, broken up into 2-minute clips.

The ass fucking movies are available in MPG and WMV formats, and are download only. This site doesn't offer any type of streaming video at this time. Anal Wishes does offer a fairly good variety in their movies. You will find two-somes, three-somes and more-somes, interracial, black on black, older chicks, and younger chicks, all doing the backdoor mambo! I was shocked that with this variety they didn't have a lezzie scene with a honking big strap-on!

The quality of the movies was a bit disappointing to be perfectly honest. They were fairly small in size and somewhat grainy. Trying to view them at full screen was bad. They weren't unwatchable, but by today's standards, I do expect a little better. The sound was usually pretty good. The movies were broken into two-minute clips. The length varies from the smallest being eight clips to the largest coming in with nineteen clips. These anal annies were all smokin hot and came in every color, shape and size.

Anal Wishes doesn't just give you movies! You also get literally thousands of still pictures in just about every category imaginable. The pics come in thumb-nailed sets, with numbers from several dozen to over a hundred. The pictures are all pretty good, decent in quality and size. You also have access to both bonus sites, and bonus feeds. There is also a great categorized dvd archive that you get full access to as well. You definitely will find shit here to keep you busy.


As a stand-alone site, AnalWishes does not offer very much for the $39.95 a month price tag. The movie clips are a bit low on the quality scale, and there aren't that many movies. But when you take into account all the bonus sites and bonus feeds that you get, twenty-six in all, it is not a bad deal at all.

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