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The girls on Broke Model are down on their luck, out of cash and desperate to make some more. So it looks as though they're going to have to do some serious work to dig themselves out of their financial hole. Potential salvation comes in the form of a dude who runs this site and offers them the chance to make some dosh by fucking and sucking him on camera!

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This was such a well presented site that I could barely find anything to complain about here! Certainly the detailed and splendidly presented models' index is probably the biggest plus point here but the site hits the target in all other areas as well. All of the updates are clearly marked and dated, the descriptions of all scenes and galleries were detailed and the layout was really well designed. Even the free tour is packed full of features and information as well.

I counted 15 different streaming options on this site when it came to viewing the videos. 15! You can actually stream the videos in three different formats - Flash, as expected, but also WMV and MP4 format. There are 9 different download options as well, all covering the same three formats, from ultra low quality up to ultra high definition. There weren't as many options on the photo sets but all are available for ZIP download.

The key to why Broke is such a great site is that, while it may seem like yet another 'girl fucks dude for cash' site, it has a superb amount of variation within its models to keep it more than afloat. Oh, and the fact that it has such a huge collection behind it more than helps as well. You're just as likely to find an A-list porn actress as you are, say, a pregnant amateur here.

And that's why this site works so well. Although POV hardcore is the order of the day, it makes the effort to try and give you something different within its admittedly limited confines. The fact that it is also able to give you a huge selection of really sexy photo sets that are not just here to 'support' the videos also makes this one you shouldn't miss.

Amount of content: 300+ videos (with screenshot sets) and 1,300+ photo sets
Update frequency: 1 video per week and 1 photo set per week
Exclusive content: Yes
Max video resolution: 1080x1920px (HD)
Video types: Flash, WMV and MP4 (stream and download)
Photo resolution: 2000x3000px
Available for mobile: Yes


Broke is one of the best sites I've seen so far in 2015 and I would be surprised if I see many better between now and the start of 2016. Its gimmick is simple, as is its execution. But it is able to excel thanks to a constant changing of models and scenes that are always really hot. It's also pretty cheap so you have even less excuse to miss out on it!

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