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Rezension: 26. Mai 2015
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Check out my Chick joins a crowded sea of sites that feature content submitted by amateurs and members. It's mostly softcore, with touches of hardcore, and seems to focus on teens or girls in their early 20s. This is normally the kind of thing that is fun and easy to get in to. However, in this case, there are more than a few challenges, and the site isn't exactly transcendent.

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I was really looking forward to reviewing Check Out My There's something exciting about getting a glimpse in to the wives and girlfriends of other guys; I don't know if it's a voyeuristic kink, or something else, but it's generally a pretty fun genre of porn. However, once I got in to this site, the reality fell pretty short of expectations.

In short, this site supposedly features videos and photos of members' girlfriends. I think; I'm not really even sure about that. They may just be sourced amateurs. Most sites of this nature have a way to submit content through the site; some sort of link to a submission form, or the like. There's nothing like that here, so it makes me wonder.

So there's that, but in and of itself, not a huge deal. I don't care where they get their content if I can believe it's really amateur girlfriends. The overall quality of what's offered matters, though, and that's where this site really comes up short. First of all, there are only 28 videos and 36 photo galleries, which is light. Secondly, much of the content is re-purposed on the site. It's obvious that some videos have just been broken in to parts. The quality is also low. Some of the girls are downright plain/unattractive. The action varies all over the place, and much of it not that great or entertaining. There are high points here and there, but I found myself bored at watching girls posing in unexciting ways, or the like. There are also themes to this that just don't all fit together on a "girlfriends" site.

To make this worse, the technical quality varies. With this type of content that can sometimes be expected, but it's still worth noting. One handjob video actually seemed to have audio reverb.

On the positive side, the site is simply laid out and easy to navigate.

Amount of content: 28 videos and 36 photo sets
Update frequency: No information on site - unknown if site is updating
Exclusive content: Yes
Max video resolution: 720x480px
Video types: Flash and MP4 (stream and download)
Photo resolution: 2304x3072px
Available for mobile: No

Fazit has potential, but needs some work to reach a level where it can be recommended. The premise is great; watching other guy's girlfriends getting naughty in front of the camera. However, that premise fizzles a little here. They need to make sure all the girls are attractive, that the content is well done, and the technical quality is better. Also, stop splitting videos and photo sets in to pieces. The main saving grace here is that membership gets you access to a whole host of bonus sites. That's about it.

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