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Rezension: 3. Februar 2006, von Gabrio
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Dr. Sparky gets these sluts bound and spread before busting out his lightning rod! See him probe and shock every orfice of the sluts. Electricity makes them cum every time! I don't think you ever seen this kind of content which is really original in my opinion....if you are curious then play the shocking video trailers and then read the full review below, so follow me and see you inside the members area!

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Electricity Play is part of the Dirty D's network and for this reason when you login you get the main page of this network that has really particular sites if we can call them this way. In the middle of the page you see a few extras and the latest announcements while at the left of the screen you have the links for all their sites so make sure to keep an eye there. Electricity Play is in located almost at the top of the list and all you have to do is clicking that link and so I did.

The members area loads in a new window and the layout is red and very aggressive. Overall the layout is really simple and you see an image for each scene which will take you to the actual movies. I clicked the scene with Adrianna first, there is one big thumbnail and then there are 4 smaller images, finally at the bottom you have a link for watching or downloading the full video or if you prefer there is also a promo video and smaller videos for 56k users. Yet you also have a photo gallery available, and same goes for all girls.

They are really using crazy toys in this site, gotta say that, I checked some of the videos, they quickly started to play after buffering and their quality is fine too. One clip started with a girl bound with chains on the bedroom and soon after that, the guy started to electrify the poor chick with a strange device but the girl simply loved it!

The content that you will see in the videos is really original and if you like to watch kinky videos and original content you will dig this content, for instance in one of the clips the girl was getting blindfold, her tits were squeezed and then she was getting her nipples electrified and same goes for her poor pussy!

I also checked the picture galleries, each gallery has many images available and the quality is pretty good; at the top of every image there is also a navigation bar which lets you move back and forward that I found particularly useful.


Even though I am not too much into extreme sites, the content that you will find inside Electricity Play is really original and if you like to watch something which is NOT ordinary then this site will be good for you! I have never imagined that electricity could be used for having these kind of pleasures but hey there is always something new to see! Last make sure to take a look at the other extreme bonus sites which are included with this membership.

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