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Rezension: 30. Juni 2008, von Gabrio
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From the title of FamousComics.com I was supposed to find a cartoon website, like those hentai ones, you know what I mean, instead when I check out the main page of the tour, I see a website with drawings that look so real that they seem to be real photos, but they are instead cartoons! So they have basically famous celebs and turned them into cartoons, at least they did something original, let's see the members area now!!

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One thing that I can tell you right before checking out the members area of this website is the fact that the price of the membership is a bit too high in fact $34.95 is a pretty high price if you ask me, unless it's justified by some really HOT content, anyway let's check out what they have here...the main page of the members area can be reached by clicking the link MEMBERS that is located at the bottom of the page and in a short while you will be inside.

At the top of the page you have a pretty simple menu with these links: home, pictures, chat, bonus, faq and search, then you have latest news, voting and finally the latest updates that took place in the site, let's check out them now. I checked out a cartoon gallery with the smoking hot babe Eva Mendez, that's actually her cartoon but it really looks like it's her....of course everything is fake but you can dream about watching your favorite movie star or celeb in sexy action, which is certainly something you don't see everyday!

Eventually you can rate each set or leave your own comment that can be a good thing as well. For the same girl I chosen, that is Eva Mendez, you have several galleries, then I wanted to see the other girls they have and I clicked Pictures and in the page that opens you have several famous ones, Alessandra Ambrosia is another one I strongly recommend you to check out, really a total hottie! There are also look-alike such as Angelina Jolie, Beyonce, then you have also the guys, Bradd Pitt, Bruce Willis or the super hot Carmen Electra, how many times did you have sexual fantasies with her?

Like you probably figured out, the main content of this website are the picture galleries, then you have eventually also a chat feature and the Bonus Area, where you are going to find....a blank page, yeah there wasn't anything there and I was a bit surprised to tell you the truth. The main photos area has 20 pages which in the end means quite a good amount of photo galleries with your favorite movie stars.


One thing that I have appreciated about FamousComics is the fact that they found a tweak for having the stars that will never do anything porn related to get involved into something of that genre. In the end they did nothing wrong, they have just been drawing sex cartoons with the famous stars although I doubt a little bit Angelina Jolie will like that! Anyway the drawings are pretty much real and they will give you a good (hard) time! Enjoy the Famous Comics!!

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