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Frat Fest is a look inside the frat houses that we hear so much about. You may hear frat guys bragging about their sexual conquests with sorority sisters and other ladies, but you may not know the whole story or the real story. The frat houses that you will see on this site are filled with horny guys that just want to fuck a hole. In this case, tight man assholes and wet man mouths fill that need.

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Frat is part of the Boy Network of gay porn sites and you will see that when you enter into the site from its glossy tour pages. The Boy Network features three sites in total and each of them offers us a reason to reach for the lube and hunt out man meat that is as hot and hard as what is featured across the network. When you subscribe to any one of sites which include Eat Your Pride, Frat Fest and Dude Dare, you will get a key that unlocks them all. We hope that you are not a vegetarian because there is a whole lot of beef here!

The one issue that I have with the Frat Fest or the Boy Network in general is that there is a clear misrepresentation listed. The network promises access to over 3,900 videos but I don't see anywhere near that many. Could I be missing something? I'm not so sure. I really took a long, hard look for the missing long, hard cock.

The overall quality of the content available on Frat Fest is very nice. You will see some nicely produced video action and some very large sharp photos that will get you right into the middle of the action.

At this point, Frat Fest features nine videos and each can be either streamed on-site or taken to go in a number of different file types. There is a mobile file just in case you want to keep the fact that you desire cock on the down low. Tuck yourself into a bathroom stall or get inspired before you fuck your wife or girlfriend. The dudes on this site will keep your secret while they keep you hard.

Count on stripping, masturbating, cum sucking oral action and plenty of playful teasing. I'm not gay but some of this raw sexuality really made me feel a bit special in my pants. Job well done Boy Network!

Amount of content: 9 video and photo sets
Exclusive content: Yes
Max video resolution: HD
Video types: flash, wmv, QuickTime, mp4 and 3gp
Photo resolution: 1600px
Available for mobile: Yes


Fans of nasty gay porn should enjoy FratFest. It would be really nice to see the site eventually grow and hopefully that will happen. Give the trial period a spin and see if gets your heart racing and the blood in your body rushing down to fill your cock. Complete access to three sites for one price is good to see and you will appreciate that until the network grows a bit more. Be patient. I have a feeling that more muscles and thick cocks are right around the corner.

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