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FrolicMe is a site that looks to provide you with the highest quality erotica across three different formats - video, photo and the written word. This is not just another adult site that looks to bring you hot movies and pictures, but is a site that wants to seduce and arouse you with the written word as well. It does so through exclusive content, regular updates, and the sexiest performers around.

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Pretty much the only areas in which this site doesn't deliver when it comes to its user interface (or in fact, in anything else) is that there's no update information and no index for the models here. Aside from that, this is a beautifully designed and thoughtfully presented site that gives you a huge amount of detail and information with each set of content here. The indexes are clear and concise and there are links to other content from models.

The video options here were very good with several different download and streaming options made available to you. It was also excellent to see that the download speeds were so quick, it does seem an area that many sites neglect these days for some reason. All photo sets are available for download to a ZIP file and all images are available in three different sizes. doesn't explicitly state that it's a porn site that is aimed at straight and bisexual women but that's very much what it seems to be. A lot of these kinds of sites that I've seen in the past have always struck me as being quite patronising with too much focus on emotion and expression and not enough on the actual sex. Because, you know, women like that too!

This site actually strikes a pretty good balance and is one of the better attempts yet at producing such a site. I don't think their content is perfect. The use of music is superfluous and pointless when the track usually runs out after a few minutes, and some of the camerawork errs too much towards the artistic for my liking. But there is some VERY hot action on this site and it's definitely a very good one indeed.

Amount of content: 65 videos and 55 photo sets (also include erotic stories)
Update frequency: Update schedule unclear - site probably updated a couple of times a week
Exclusive content: Yes
Max video resolution: 1920x1080px (HD)
Video types: Flash and MP4 (stream and download)
Photo resolution: 1200x800px
Available for mobile: Yes


A more feminine / feminist leaning can be seen in the content on and it's a site that works really well for the most part. It's not an outright 'for women' porn site in that it seems more interesting in an equality between men and women in its content, but by focusing quite a lot on erotic stories (written by well regarded published authors as well!), this is a grown-up erotica site and a fine one at that.

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