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Instruments of sexual destruction cover the bodies of helpless Asian women as men in black take advantage of their tied prey. Hardcorepunishments.com will take you on an erotic journey through the Asian underground of BDSM, Fetish, Rope Bondage, and extreme forced orgasms. You can't find this type of authentic Asian fetish content just anywhere. All footage comes straight from secret studios all across Asia. Let us walk you through the ins and outs of this fetish websites treasure trove of extreme sexual deviance.

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Hardcore Punishments.com are masters of cold, calculated magic-wand torture. Tools normally used for pleasure are twisted to cause pain. These guys don't stop untill they are ready not the other way around. Ecstasy meets agony as these men use modern day sexual contraptions in every scene, along with highly skilled rope bondage to keep their prey bound for their amusement. In one scene they drill into this Asian beauty until she squirts all over the camera and almost faints in orgasmic anguish to the extreme. All footage is not in English. Sub-titles would help to understand what they are saying. Much of the footage though is orgasmic noises and you don't need to understand what they are saying when you see what they do, but subtitles would be a nice addition.

Hardcore Punishments is still a new site so it has not achieved a super full library as of yet. They claim in the front end to update 2 times a week, however on further inspection it is more like once a week which is regrettable. Currently there are 18 uniquely different exclusive BDSM extreme fetish scenes, with 6 submissive Asian angels. The footage can be streamed in their flash player or downloaded as a wmv or mp4 download. Resolution for these videos is at 640x480 and 1000kbps. Streaming and downloading are a bit slow on this website. The flash player when trying to watch immediately will require a lot of frustrating buffering times. There currently is no option to watch smaller portion clips for streaming or downloading.

Photo galleries are separate entities from their video counterparts. There are 27 galleries all of different models. These are high quality stills at 1500x1050 96dpi. These are mainly rope bondage scenes taken very well I must say. Each image is meticulously lit and thought out, and could be considered bondage art. Fetish collectors these are well worth the price of admission in order to get your hands on these fetish beauties and add them to your stash. My only wish would be for zip file downloads to avoid individual downloading.

Navigation and design is a little clunky. There is a top navigation that is not well organized. Each category brings up the same videos. I would recommend a redesign of the functionality of the sites navigation. It isn't hard to get around it is just redundant.


The content is highly original and true authentic Asian fetish which you can't find very often. All scenes are shot with great skill and sets are appropriate to the action. Much of this makes up for some of its lacking capabilities here at hardcore punishments.com. You will have to suffer through the slow buffering of the streaming video and the large download sizes with no option to download in smaller chunks. You will need to overlook these obstacles in order to get this fresh original extreme content that is highly desirable for all Asian Fetish fans.

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