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Jen is a heavenly eighteen year old blonde amateur with gorgeous blue eyes and sweet tits. Jen that is going to college to become a veterinarian someday. In her spare time she admits to enjoying taking pictures of herself and posting them on her website. This cute blonde seems like a fun way to spend anyone's afternoon watching her sexy curves and tight ass. I'm going to check her out.

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You will be prompted to click on another link once inside her member's area to access her pictures and video at Total Super Cuties. There are nineteen other super cute teens in this member's area, but you can locate Jen by her lovely picture. At the time of my review she had 59 picture sets and 16 videos.

The gallery sets are all thumbnailed so you can get a preview before choosing a set to look at. There are 59 sets and each one has at least 50 pictures in it. That's well over 3600 pictures for your viewing. She has numerous poses and outfits that she loves to tease us in. I love her figure; she is real foxy looking bitch. She is perfectly proportioned and I'd love to put some loving to her. I loved her bikini briefs and her teasing smile as she slipped off her shirt and skirt to reveal cute panties.

Jen offers us 16 short videos all in wmv format. This is good because you can download them to your hard-drive to watch later, or watch them online right now. She is a super tease and really knows how to make use of her tight ass. She is always smiling which is a huge bonus in my book it means she is really enjoying what she is doing. The movie quality is good, but the sound is average at best. These are video clips that you can supersize and they do not lose much quality so she can become real sized right there on your movie screen. She looks you dead in the eye as she strips on cam; you will feel it is just for you that she is stripping.

The bonus websites that you get when you join Jean's website include your access to Total Super Cuties. There are nineteen other hot amateur teens with over 53,000 pictures and 140 video clips. You also have access to 7 other teen amateur sites, but these are offered with up-sell links embedded and I have to mention that at the top and bottom of every page is a table that includes sample pictures of a featured girl. You can click on these to get the pictures of each girl, but be aware that there are also up-sell links in each of these galleries.


Jen is everyone's blonde dream teen. She has a kick ass body, she is cute and sexy as hell. She is one of those rare girls that you can take home to meet mother and then fuck her eyes out later. She has a fantastic body and she knows just how to use it and where to touch to get you sitting on the rim of your seat cock out and wanting more.

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