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Rezension: 27. Mai 2008, von Gabrio
0 Aufrufe is the official site of a pretty blonde that loves to show off and having fun with her sexy girl friends. From what I can see by the tour of her website, she has super long legs that look awesome with high heels....yet she is into lesbian action with her horny girl friends so you definitely have to check that out if I were you! This website seems to be definitely worth a visit, let's find that out!

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Hot chick coming up, that is the impression I have when I check out the main page of this girls website Kimberly Kane - in order to enter the members area of her website you just have to click the link that is located at the left of the page and then in a few moments, after typing your username and pass you will be there. At first the logins were not working and I was prompted for entering my username and password a second time and to be honest I was thinking that they were not working - for the note you have no idea how many times this happens - but in a short while I was inside.

At the left side of the page you have the following links: Home, Galleries, Videos, Chat, Webcam, Blog, Appearances, Biography, Filmography, Store, Vod and Future Updates and that's it. At the center of the page you have a welcome message for all new members of the site and then I can see that it has been posted the most recent update. I clicked Galleries and then you reach a page were you have 4 photo sets but it's not too clear where are the others and if there are any others. Hopefully there are more photo galleries but they are a bit hidden in fact in order to find them you have to click "Previous Entries".

After that I have moved onto the Videos page and there is the same layout there, the link for more clips is located at the bottom of the page - the clips are available for quicktime and windows media eventually, both in full length. You don't have screen shots for the clips so you have to download them. If you click on the TV graphics (before the actual download links), you will have a streaming video, encoded in flash, which seems to be so popular nowadays by the way. I have to say that this girl really has a perfectly shaped body.

You have also a members chat, which opens in a new window, I wouldn't call that chat though since it's a forum in reality; then you have a webcam page where they say that it will be coming this summer, then a personal blog, I see she writes a lot.

NOTE Kimberly Kane is the winner of an 2009 AVN Award for Best All-Girl 3-Way Sex Scene


Summing up, this website Kimberly has all those features that you are typically looking for in a solo site, and my only remark goes to how they have organized the photos and movies pages since from a first look it seems that you only have 4 sets instead you have to click "Previous Entries" for the updates that have been added before those 4. The content looks quite good and you also have some fetish videos. I.e. foot fetish videos. Like blondes? check out this one then.

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