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Latex Heaven is a softcore fetish and multi model site that believes it is the ultimate site for all of you latex fetishists out there! They have scoured the world looking for girls that look hotter in latex than you could ever imagine. And whether you prefer girls in tight latex panties, leggings, skin tight dresses or even catsuits then they will make sure they have your latex desire well and truly covered!

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There are currently 147 photo galleries available on this site, but there are no videos on board. The site is updated once every three days. The presentation of this site was very impressive indeed and that includes the free tour, which was absolutely stacked with information about the models and content you can find here. The good work continues in the members' area where there is a really good index of the models and the whole area is quite beautifully designed. Update information was quite good although information about upcoming updates was slightly vague, I thought.

Because of the fact that there are no videos here, don't expect a huge array of content viewing options. The gallery options were quite good, though, in terms of the range of image sizes available but I thought that there would be ZIP downloads on offer - and there are not. The photos are sized at 2000x1333px, 1024x680px and 800x533px each, so you do get a good choice in that regard. That really is all there is to report!

So, the mystery about the lack of videos here is solved by the fact that there is a separate site you can subscribe to for half price that has all the videos on shot by the same people behind Latex Erm, why not just combine the two sites and offer them for $30? It just complicates matters that don't need complicating especially when you are dealing with a collection of content that is really excellent and not in need of such distractions.

Actually, despite the claims of 'worldwide searches' for models, I think most of the girls here are British. I don't think it matters a great deal, to be honest - the outfits and attraction of the babes are far more important. Redhead model Roxana (full name, anyone?) was my favourite here, but I think this site hits a 100% success rate in terms of hot girls and sexy outfits. I can't imagine latex fans will find much here to complain about, unless you were expecting some sexual content, perhaps. But really, this is quite excellent.


Filled with gorgeous models and some really sensational outfits, Latex is a pretty impressive latex fetish site that opts for a softcore territory. There is a large selection of galleries to choose from and you might as well go ahead and subscribe to the video site as well because it does contain a lot of content that supplements this site very nicely indeed. You can expect a very good site indeed here.

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