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Rezension: 25. November 2008, von Gabrio
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Lesbian Factor is a hot site where you are going to find sexy sapphic action with horny girls. You know, the girls can be very passionate and when they find the right friend, they do it all! Take a look at the trailer video that you have in the upper right corner of the page and then see you inside the members area, just keep on reading below!! See you there now.

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The members login of Lesbian Factor.com is located in the upper right corner of the page, basically just about the free trailer video thing and when you click on it you are going to be taken inside within a few moments. The main page looks nice and clean with a pretty large design...a nice thing I have also noticed is that at the top of the page they have a frame but you don't have to worry about that in fact with that one you can move back or forward to the bonus sites they have here and eventually you have also a drop down menu that lets you choose your favorite bonus site.

Ok after having said that you have the menu with the following links: Home, Movies, Latest Update, Girls, Pictures, Friends, Sexy Tips, Store and Support, then you have a welcome message where they tell you that you are going to find only the best lesbians here, and it seems that they have hot girls anyway, let's check out the content now. I clicked a big button which reads "visit the girls sections" and they have a sort of "magazine" layout for each girl, there is an interview and the layout is nice, pretty original I would say, when you click the thumbs that are on the right side of the screen, you will get their info, but the page stays the same.

After choosing your favourite girl, you have the content that is located in the lower half of the page and you will see that you have a scene preview, dvd trailer and then the downloads: high, low definition download and then the streaming one as well. I tested the download speed for one of the videos, they are in .wmv format and I had an awesome speed of 980 k/sec, which tells me that the server is in Europe since I get those speeds only if it's close in the old continent.

The size of the clips is quite large, if we consider the high definition ones, in fact this one I was checking out was around 330 mb in size. When it comes to the full listing of girls from this website, you have 22 girls, which tells me that the website is new so we need to have some patience for the new updates!


To be honest, I wasn't thining that I would find HD videos inside LesbianFactor so we can say that this was definitely a good surprise for me. Download speed was awesome and that is always a nice thing to see since everybody now has fast connections. The content is good but you might want to see something more. Check out the Latest updates page since you have lots of updates there which I didn't find on the other pages.

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