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Lovely Teen Land is a new website with sexy teens, you can stay sure that you will never run out of teens on the internet hopefully....on the main page of this website you can see young girls that love having sex, you have several trailer videos available, so let's see what they have to offer us, just keep on reading for the full review that you find down here as usual ;-)

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The main page of Lovely Teen Land looks rather small and you have a pretty easy interface to browse with the teen girls; at the top of the page we have the menu where we have these links: Home, Recent Updates, Upcoming Updates, Our Sites, Reality Sites, DVD, Date and Log Out, then you have also bonus photo feeds, bonus video feeds and bonus games - at the right of the page you have also the Top Rated Sets and then there is also a list of sites since this site is part of a bigger network of sites, so if you want you can browse the other sites quickly with a link there.

Right, after having said that, you will see the main updates on the main page, for each girl you have her name, a small description about the chick and you have the links that take you to their photos and videos. The main girls are on on the first page and they are in total 12. I checked out this gal named Cindy Sterling and one thing I did not like was the fact that the scene was added on 09/06/2007 which tells me that this website is not updated that often. I checked on the main page if they had more recent updates but they don't.

For the movies, you have .wmv files that are available either for streaming or for download, download speed off this website was very good in fact I had about 970 k/sec which was excellent! You can leave your comments for each of the videos they have in this website, I checked out some streaming vids and they were looking fine, these teens really love hardcore and you will like the scene with Cindy Sterling, pure hotness.

Later I checked out her photo gallery as well and the photos don't have this great quality since they are screen captures, plus they open in a new window for every photo and that is not the best in my opinion. Eventually you can write a comment for the photo galleries too, like for the videos.


If you love watching hardcore teens then in the members area of Lovely Teen you have some nice ones - though the site was not updated often and the amount of content was not very large. They give you lots of updates and network sites connected with this one so in the end you will have a pretty large content base to browse but not from stuff directly connected with the website overall.

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