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Hard female domination is a fetish niche you don't see very often. But if it's your thing then might just be the site you have been looking for. The previews offer you some of the greatest pain and pleasure videos in the niche. From forced face sitting, to humiliation, cock torture and femdomination, this site is bound to offer it. Check out some of the free previews and you'll see exactly what I mean! Monthly membership offers you regular updates, and different video formats all for $29.95. Read the review to find out more.

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Opening up the members area of My Slave there is an introductory header paragraph with info about the site and an email address should you wish to get in touch with the web Mistress herself. Next there are text links to all your featured content. You gain access to features such as: Videos, Photos, Mistress, Slaves, Updates and Network. Below that are fetish niche links – Feet, Spanking, Facesitting, Kicking, Bondage and Humiliation. The rest of the main page includes features to other sites in the network for example: Wax Punishment and Smoking Mistress. The site has a really good bondage/dungeon look/layout.

Clicking on the Videos link first brings you to all the video content. There are 5 pages of slave filled vids. In total there are 45 videos to choose. One of the strange things is the erratic update schedule – once or twice every three months. Each video feature has 5 screencap images and a detailed description of what fetish the video includes. The themes include extreme humiliation, forced facesitting and lots of feet. The info also gives you details on how long the video is, which Mistresses and slaves take part, and what viewing formats the videos are available in. Viewing formats are either AVI or MPG. There are no flash streams at the site – all movies are downloadable only. And the movies are full downloads – no options of viewing separate clips. Movies ranged in length from 5 minutes up to 20 minutes. Just depends on which movie you view. The video footage is good quality, although the viewing windows for the MPG formats are quite small at only 400 x 300. Some of the video features also have accompanying photo galleries but this is not true of all of the videos.

One of my favourite things about the site is the photo galleries. One average, there is not as many galleries as videos – 30 or so galleries compared to the 45 videos, but there are over 100 images in each set. They are high resolution, 1024 x 700 pixel photos. My Slave Life do provide all the images in a .zip file which makes for easier downloadable sets.

You can choose to view or/and contact your favourite Mistress via the Mistress link in the header. Same goes for if you have a favourite slave.


My Slave certainly does bring you hard female domination. Some of these Mistresses are brutal to their slaves! It does give you what the tour offers in that sense. There are tons of videos to choose from. The only thing that disappointed me was the lack of regular updates. From the tour it seems like updates are added regularly, when the schedule is really erratic. Another negative point is the lack of bonus material – just two bonus sites. However, what features are there (videos and photos) are very good quality. Overall, a slightly above average site.

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