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Rezension: 16. August 2007, von Gabrio
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Everybody knows that there are many different fetishes on the planet and as a matter of fact you can't generalize them all, I think that we are all different in the end and in fact you find a TON of different fetish sites on the net. Anyway today I just got home after a nice weekend (as usual) and I found My Stocking Secrets which is a sexy fetish site, let's see what they have inside.

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The main page of the members area of My Stocking Secrets is pretty small and compact, from a quick look of the site I see that they have various content available, both main content and bonus stuff is there, which is pretty nice. At the top of the page we have these tags: Home, Latest Updates, Featured Series, Videos, Pictures, Model Index, Live Girls, Bonus Sites and My Favorites.

At the left of the page you have the Quick Links where we find: Home, My Favorites, Latest Updates, Featured Series, Videos, Picture Galleries, Model Index, Live Webcams, Bonus Sites, Sex Finder and Toy Shop. Still on the left side of the screen you have New Featured Scenes, Site Statistics, Most Popular Scenes, Most Popular DVDs and that's about it, now we can take a look at the actual content of the site.

I clicked Featured Series and in this page you have the main selection of the girls who wear the sexy stockings, the first chick is a blonde hottie who is wearing an amazing white set, then there is another asian with stockings who is masturbating, then there is another blonde and another brunette, hmm these chicks are hot nevertheless! For every scene you can either watch her scene or view the DVD or view photos and lastly you can add the scene to your Favorites.

The scenes are playing very smooth in my opinion and you can choose how you want to stream them, choosing from low, med or high quality, quality looks nice and an interesting feature is the fact that you can rate the scene as well. Right below the video which is currently streaming you will see the links for playing the other parts of the movie or the full one eventually, this girl knew how to play and how to make the visitors excited, what a hottie!

As for the photos instead, there are 111 fetish galleries to browse and they are all screen caps galleries though. I really liked one of them where you have the first scenes that start with the heels lying on the ground, they made a very good combo with that!

Fazit is a cool site if you get horny by watching girls who wear sexy stockings and you can bet that you are going to get hard because in some cases I think that our fantasy is much more powerful than what we actually see.....and this site will make your fantasy ride fast, very fast! Now get a good and comfy seat and start enjoying yourself with these hotties! See you soon.

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