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Paris Parisiennes is all about style and grace. This is not the site that you should be looking at if you are searching for hardcore action. The content here is suitable to show your wife or girlfriend to get them turned on a bit. You could probably even stream this content to a television during your next fancy cocktail party. If you enjoy a beautiful European woman you are in the right place.

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Every once in a while I get turned off by the typical hardcore action that is presented on most porn sites. Sometimes I just want to see a beautiful woman show herself to me in a natural way. I want to be teased and played with and I want to feel stimulated. Paris Parisiennes is a beautiful site when it comes to that sort of content.

At this point the site is the home to nearly 90 models and has amassed an awesome collection of soft and elegant erotica. The content that you will see on this site is not shot in nasty old hotel rooms or in awkward mansions clearly rented for the occasion. These models prefer being photographed and filmed in natural locations that make sense. There is something beautiful and special about seeing a woman behind closed doors in a place where she would normally be alone. You will get a look into the bedrooms and private showers of the beauties that are featured on this site and you will see a sense of innocence and shyness that is really quite nice to enjoy.

The overall quality of this site is truly amazing. It is clear that a good deal of care and effort went into putting all of this together. Video is shot and presented in perfect high-definition and you have a choice of streaming speeds that will suit just about any connection speed. If streaming is not something that you want to do, you can take each video with you by choosing a number of options for downloading. A mobile file is included and that is a very nice touch.

I have to admit that my favorite feature of this site is the collection of photos that are offered. You have the power to select what size photos that you want to see and that is a great option. I just viewed a collection of photos from this site on a 50" HD television and they looked gorgeous!

Amount of content: 459 videos & 682 photo galleries
Update frequency: 4-7 updates per week
Exclusive content: Yes
Max video resolution: 1920 x 1080p HD
Video types: flash
Photo resolution: 4000 x 2600px
Avaliable for mobile: Yes


Paris makes me want to hop a plane and visit Paris for a while. I want to see if there is any reality to the story that is presented on this site. Could there be this many women that are this lovely in one place? Based on the fact that I write porn reviews as a profession, I get a good deal of free access to sites. This however is one site that I would gladly pay to be a member of.

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