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Rezension: 8. April 2010, von Steve
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Scandalous Housewives is a hardcore site that brings a whole new meaning to the phrase 'desperate housewives'! What they are desperate for is the kind of dicking that their husbands just can't give them any more. This site catches these milfs in the act of sucking and fucking until their cravings for cock are finally satisfied - but as you will quickly see, these stunning hotties are not easily satisfied so it will be some effort!

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There are currently 12 video and 12 photo galleries available on this site, which may not seem like many, but this is a pretty new site, by all accounts, and is updating once a week. The navigation here was simple and straightforward with no issues at all to speak of, and with several excellent features especially apparent. Update information was fine and other good features on this site included an excellent selection of menus that keep track of the main content and bonus content extremely well. All of the models and performers in each video and gallery are named too, so you can track down any more content by a girl you really like the look of very easily.

The video options were quite good with the best quality options available here playing at 720x540px. These are available in Flash streaming and .WMV downloads, whilst lower quality .WMV downloads are also available on top of H.264 and .MP4 downloads as well. It was a good selection. The photo galleries on the site are all available in .ZIP file downloads with most photos sized at 533x800px. The screenshot galleries that accompany the videos do not have .ZIP downloads though.

Another new site from this massive network, Scandalous puts you in the capable hands of curvy milfs such as Cheyenne Hunter and Jade Devin amongst others and brings you a pretty decent selection of hardcore videos that should please you quite a lot. It should not bother you too much that it's not an especially large site as it is furnished with loads of similar bonus content amongst all those bonus sites, so no need to worry at all!

The hardcore action here is pretty much always straightforward one-on-one stuff with the occasional threesome thrown in here and there. It's pretty good stuff and the scenes are well performed to ensure that they make something of the domination of these ladies. There is nothing really here that you would say was particularly different or original, but this is solid enough on the whole. The massive amount of bonus sites are basically going to be the clincher here.


Scandalous is a site that, on its own, would probably not be quite worth the money. It does have some good action on board and some sexy milfs, but not really enough of them to be well worth the money itself. But all those bonus sites and other bonuses, which do include a lot of milf hardcore content themselves, really do help this site become one that you will seriously want to consider.

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