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Dealing with shoplifters can be tricky, but the guys at Shoplyfter know the best way in order to make them stop coming back and stealing stuff from these stores. Using their cocks, these fellows keep these steaming hot cleptomaniacs from jail cells and from damaging the businesses that employ them. Get to see these slutty bimbos being punished for shoplifting by servicing hard dicks in storage rooms of various stores on this reality porn website!

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Preisgestaltung has an intriguing premise - chicks get caught stealing and then save themselves from jail by offering their pussies to the security guards. While you may think that this premise would get boring after a while, you are very wrong. This website manages to keep things fresh by introducing new talent and new ways of setting up its scenes. Sure, it might not win any awards, but as far as the reality porn genre goes, this website definitely packs a punch. The way in which the scenes are acted out, as well as the way in which the hardcore action is directed, simply makes every single video and image gallery on this website arousing and exciting as hell.

Speaking of those videos and photo sets, there are 73 of them available at the moment of writing of this review. Considering that the website itself was launched in September of 2016, that is not a bad number at all. Videos are all in 1080p Full HD resolution, while the images are hi-res. You can download the videos and the image galleries in various resolutions.

Now, I have a certain gripe with this website. Namely, all of the videos are sorted in a vertical manner, meaning that one video is below the other, which makes it a bit difficult to navigate the website until you get used to it. Unfortunately, there are no search options whatsoever and the only way you can actually sort the videos is via a 'favorites' section. With 73 scenes available, and more coming your way every single week, those search options should be added ASAP in my honest opinion.

When it comes to prices, you can call them reasonable. The membership options are not that expensive, but they could be lower. Still, it is not like the subscription to this website will cost you an arm and a leg - it is just that some people might be turned off by the prices.

Amount of content: 73 videos and photo sets
Update frequency: Weekly
Exclusive content: Yes
Max video resolution: 1920x1080 (Full HD)
Video types: flash & mp4
Photo resolution: 1620 x 1080px
Available for mobile: Yes


Shoplyfter is a rather interesting reality porn website that has a unique premise. Combine that unique premise with believable acting, insanely hot talent, and immensely naughty hardcore action, and you have gotten yourself a solid porn site on your hands. Both the lovers of this particular genre and porn, in general, will enjoy themselves while browsing through the content available on this website as it is as arousing as it can get.

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