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Simon Scans is a site that has garnered widespread acclaim and awards over the course of its near 10 years of existence. It is the website of a British adult photographer and porn producer who uses mostly (but not quite always) British models in his content. Many of his girls are newcomers or amateurs, and some are rather more well known than that. Whatever their experience though, Simon will shoot them in his own recognisable style, bringing you stunning adult content - and he even lets them have a tea break if the shoot drags on!

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First impressions don't always last with a porn site, which in some cases might be a good thing. But they really do here because this is a site that jumps out at you as classy from the get-go. The free tour takes you through many of the most recent updates, and looks great. It's a fantastic start, but when you log in the site really comes into its own. The content is superbly categorised with some excellent update information as well as a detailed index of all the models here. It's also beautifully designed but possibly my favourite aspect of the site was the descriptions that Simon gives many of his videos and galleries - they are informative and often amusing!

You are well catered for when it comes to the video options as well as these are superb to say the very least. Full videos and shorter clips are available for .WMV, .MOV and .MPG downloads. In general, the highest resolution videos played at 640x480px but there are some with higher resolutions than this up to 1280x720px. Image sizes peak at 1875x1250px and all galleries have .ZIP downloads enabled.

How would you like 4,728 photo galleries and 329 videos, with a new addition every day, and 664 models to choose from? Well, if the site was a bunch of crap then you probably wouldn't. But Simon is as far from crap as you will get. I intend on showing no national nepotism towards him just because he is a fellow Brit - plus he doesn't really need it because the site is more than good enough without any other unnecessary compliments! Trying to cram in all that makes this site good though proves to be a very tough job indeed.

Simon is very much an advocate of realism in his content. He doesn't like to use anything fake and prefers everything to look completely real. That is why you will occasionally see photos that other sites would stick in an 'outtakes' section making the grade here - not every shot or pose is meant to be perfect, but to some people out there it might be what they like most of all. Unlike what you might perceive on many other such sites too, he is more interested in what the girl is doing rather than the trees or wall behind her. This is meant to be porn after all!

Amount of content: 329 videos and 4,728 photo galleries
Update frequency: 1 photo set almost every day
Exclusive content: Yes
Max video resolution: 640x480
Video types: wmv, mov & mpg
Photo resolution: 2776x1982px
Available for mobile: no


Simon has almost all the elements on its side that I would ask for from a perfect adult site. The girls are beautiful, the content is brilliantly shot, and the overall packaging of it is outstanding. But I liked the fact that this is a site that doesn't take itself too seriously - it has a sense of humour that gives it a real quality that many similar sites, usually too worried about artistic pretensions, do not possess. An absolutely wonderful site, this, and I owe him at least one beer for letting me see his work!

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