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Rezension: 12. September 2011, von Steve
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Tiffany Alexis is a cute blonde model who admits to being very happy and excited about starting up her own personal website. You can see her showing off her splendid body and exploring herself with lots of very hot stripping videos and galleries - and lots of masturbating, as well! She is eager to please, she is always adding new content, and all of her content is exclusive to her site.

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There are currently 43 photo galleries and 25 videos housed on this site, with updates usually made at least twice a week. I thought the presentation of this site was very good indeed, with lots of update information and a pretty nice members' area design. You don't get any descriptions with the videos and galleries, but you do get some reasonable information and interaction with Tiffany herself, while the free tour is also pretty good. There were no glitches to report, but it would be nice to know when she is likely to pop on for a live cam show.

All of the videos came furnished with a pretty good range of options with downloads available in .WMV and .M4V formats, and streams provided in Flash Player format. The .WMV downloads provide the best quality versions, playing them at a high definition 1280x720px. Download speeds were excellent, and there were no DRM restrictions on them. The photo galleries here are available for ZIP download and most photos on the site were sized at a very healthy 1600x1200px.

Cute and slender blondes were really made for softcore solo nudity and masturbation sites, weren't they? There does seem to be a lot of them around, and Tiffany can be added to the collection, and no mistake. Actually, recently she's gone brunette, it seems, so don't be confused if you are reading this a few months in the future! She really was blonde for quite some time! With both hair colours, she looks lovely, and I saw very little from this site to suggest it won't be great.

The themes on the content were pretty much as expected, ranging from the very gentle to the very occasionally very naughty - for instance, when she fucks herself with an empty champagne bottle. That's not how you put the cork back in, Tiffany! I think, actually, she could do with having a bit more content like this on her site because there are possibly just one or two too many really softcore sets and videos at the moment to really set the pulse racing as she clearly can. But I must say I'm impressed.


Tiffany is an impressive little solo site. Tiffany herself is a really lovely and very easy-going model who is always pleasant to look at, but one or two occasions I did find myself urging her to let her hair down a bit more and be a little naughtier. It's still early days for her site, though, and there are still some really hot and sexy scenes and galleries for you to soak up.

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