12X Anal Review

Review: May 16, 2007, by Gabrio
12X Anal

Ok guys, when you check a site whose name is 12X anal then you can't be very surprised about its contents in fact they are all about anal sex! From the main page of the tour you can see a few peeks of what's inside, these holes are getting stretched to the max and you would be very surprised to see this action in a regular site maybe but here, well anything goes in the backend!


Overall rating7.3

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Ok folks, I guess that you are all horny and warmed up for some anal sex huh? Let's go ahead and see what they have in the members area of this site 12XAnal.com - the members area loaded up like a charm after I put my username and password yet it took a little while to load, let's proceed. The first page which appears in front of you is a bit small yet you have the Top Anal Scenes there, each one has a small screen shot and there is also a brief description too and finally if you want to watch each one of those you just need to click the orange link which reads "Play This Scene".

If you scroll down the page you will see yet another link which reads "More Anal Scenes" and that one takes you to a page where you have another listing of anal sex videos and there is a total of 27 pages so this tells me that there is a good amount of material available. At the top of the page there is also a search box which will be useful if you want to look a particular kind of content and as usual I tried with "boots" and this time (it doesn't always work) the site returned me the titles that feature chicks wearing sexy boots, my favorite!

Next I checked out this movie "Decadent Divas 27" which came up after my search for "boots" and when you click watch movie you will see a streaming movie within a few moments thereafter. The video however was looking very bad and in fact I noticed that it was chosen the dialup option...I want broadband! After changing the bit rate, the scene started to buffer and this one had a much better quality, really fine, the audio also was great.

Eventually you can also download the scene with their very easy download system and the speed was decent, I got 300 k/sec - right below the links for downloading you have the screen shots so you can get yourself a good idea of what's going on. At the left of the page you always have the Main navigation where you have: Home, Videos, Photo Galleries, Bonus Feeds and Support.


The amount of anal sex videos you find in this site 12X Anal.com is pretty good and I liked the fact that the search function works pretty well and it's intuitive as well. One minor remark is that browsing is a bit slow but in the end the content is good so you can have some patience in my opinion. Finally you also have photo galleries that are always a nice extra but in this case the main attraction are videos of course.

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