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Review: October 24, 2008, by Gabrio

In the members area of 12XCoed.com you are going to find coed cuties that suck and fuck their way through College....on the tour of the site I see some nice action and I have recognized some famous teen babes on the tour I think, so now I really want to see more of this site and you know that you can get to know the facts about the members area by reading below...see you there!

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Overall rating7.5

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The main page of this website 12X Coed looks rather nice and clean and at the top of the page there is a funny header where you have the girls, then there is a very simple menu with these links: Home, Videos, Pictures, Video Feeds and Support - then you have a search field and at the center of the page they list the main updates with the teen girls and I see that there are 11 pages in total which is a pretty good number if you ask me.

In the lower part of the page and to the right side, you will see the bonuses, on the right column there are lots of niches that you have available and then in the lower half of the main page there are other things and coming soon girls. I clicked one of the teen updates that you have on the page and the videos automatically start in streaming, I was checking out this clip where you have a hot brunette teen with a collar and the guy was pretending to be her master but she was all cute smiling and stuff hehe.

The clips are available in .mpg format and their download speed was not so fast in fact they were downloading at approximately 200 k/sec. I clicked pictures from the top of the page and within a few seconds you will reach the main page where you see the full collection of photo galleries they have and I have to say that there are 39 pages, which means lots of updates for you guys! The full sized images look good however their quality is in the 800 pixels range so they are not very large oh and I have forgot to say that the .zip download option is not present unfortunately.

In terms of videos, there is less content available, in fact you only have 3 pages and on each page there are 15 videos so you can do some math, the clips are only available with one download option - in case you want more content, I suggest you to check out the links located to the right of the page with the bonus niches.


Overall I think that 12X Coed.com is a simple website, easy to browse and in terms of photo galleries you have lots of updates and content available, less if we consider the videos. In terms of user friendlyness it was ok and I found very easy to browse for the bonus goodies that are all the way to the right of the page, on the column, so have lots of fun with the teens!

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