12X Lesbians Review

Review: October 28, 2008, by Gabrio
12X Lesbians

You know, after some hardcore then I gotta say that it's time for some lesbians so right now I am going to write the review for 12X Lesbians, I have to say that I don't understand this '12' but I guess that I will quickly find out. So if you are horny and want to check out some hot girls that are eating pussies, what are you still doing there? Move your ass and check out this site.


Overall rating6.5

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First off, I don't like the fact that the rebill rate for the trial option is higher than buying the regular 30 days membership, be careful about that. Ok are you now ready for watching some hot lezzies that are licking! Here we go!

The main page of the site wasn't that fast actually and then it correctly loaded after a few moments. At the left of the page there is the Main Navigation where you have: Home, Videos, Photo Galleries, Bonus Feeds, Siaccess Support and Paycom Support and then there is a big list of Bonus Niches that are included with this site, in case you will get bored by the lesbians but I think that it's not gonna happen!

At the center of the page they present the Top Lesbian Scenes, each one has a screen shot and it looks like they have been ripped from famous titles like Decadent Divas and movies like that one... and at the right of the page there are the TOP scenes as well. I clicked the very first scene on the page and then in the next page which opens you have the screen shots and for each scene you can enjoy it in streaming or download.

When you are watching the scenes, they will play in an embedded window in the same page and the quality looks good, I picked the Broadband ones however after a little while they started to skip a little bit, maybe it's my connection that is acting up today though. Another thing that I did not like (hate this) was that while I was watching the video clips, the site slowed down the whole computer - I don't have a VERY recent computer actually - but it's not total crap either, so in the end if you have a slow machine then you will see the mouse moving with skips and stuff like that...

When it comes to the action of the very scenes, there is pussy fingering, lips licking, tongue fucking, finger fucking and all those juicy stuff that you love to watch in a lesbian scene. The selection of the videos is pretty good and in the end I like the layout, it's clean. As for the Photos instead, they have divided them per day but as far as I can see, there are just hardcore scenes.


When I checked out the Photos from this site 12XLesbians.com, I was thinking to find lesbian photo sets but instead they mostly had hardcore stuff going on there so in the end I wasn't too happy with that section. As for the video clips on the other hand, there is a good selection of content but the members area was browsing slowly for some reason. Eventually you also have Bonus Feeds which you might check out.

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