Abbey Brooks Review

Review: June 27, 2013
Abbey Brooks

Abbey is the self-titled home of porn babe Abbey Brooks. Abbey is a cutie with a smile that will knock your socks off, a twinkle in her eye that will rev your engine, and a sexual furnace that will make your dick melt. Her looks are the complete opposite of the prototypical porn star. This solo girl site should be a killer, because Abbey is innocently hot but she performs like a wanton slut. However, there's just not much here, and no recent updates.


Overall rating6.5

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Abbey Brooks is so cute that when I first saw her around 2007, the phrase "too pretty for porn" came to mind. She's not pretty in the way that a supermodel is, but more like your friend's hot younger sister. Killer smile, bright eyes, and an energetic young look that makes your heart jump. She pairs that with a kickass curvy body capped with a pair of awesome natural tits. And best of all, she has no tattoos, no odd piercings, and nothing to distract you from an overall natural hotness; just a midwestern, all-American look. She's a porn star that looks nothing like a porn star.

So her sex appeal is through the roof. She's a big star in porn, and her look is part of the reason for that. Another reason is that she combines her innocent looks with a slutty sexual intensity that just puts her over the top.

So I was looking forward to reviewing this site, and then I got in to it; and was unfortunately disappointed. Not in Abbey, but in the amount of content, and how long it's been since it's been updated. It's listed with FreeOnes as a new site, but the dates on the content show that the last update was in January 2010. The site may be getting a re-brand; I don't know, but as is, there's only 13 videos and 8 photosets. The quality of that content is fantastic (although light on B/G; only three vids there), but the quantity is paltry.

Technically, it's great. I had no problem with any downloads or streams, and resolution all around is fantastic. Videos are available in multiple formats, in 1080p, and pics are crisp and clear. Navigation was simple and easy, with multiple tools to find content quickly. Maybe the only negative is that there are no pic downloads available as zip files.

The site provides access to the Open Life network, which is a solid bonus. There are also some extra videos available, and a nice bio and Q&A of Abbey.

Amount of content: 13 videos/8 photosets
Update frequency: None
Exclusive content: Unknown
Max video resolution: 1080p
Video types: wmv, mp4, flash
Photo resolution: 1280x1920px
Available for mobile: Yes


The appeal of is 99% Abbey Brooks, and it's obvious why. One look at this sweet babe and you're hooked. She just doesn't look like she should be taking a cock down her throat, and then BAM! There she is doing it, and it's awesome. However, unless this really is a new site and content is going to be quickly added, it's just hard for me to get excited about it. Add in that what's here is mostly solo or G/G, and I just have to say...wait and see.

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