Abigail Fraser Review

Review: June 15, 2011, by daniels
Abigail Fraser

If you love hot, sexy women who are in their 30s or beyond, there should be little doubt that you'll at least want to visit LaurenAfton.com, home of sexy women like Abigail Fraser and other classy women. They are MILFs by any other name, and these mature women know how to please a man. Come join us and read our review to see if you would like to take a ride on the cougar side with these sexy, slightly aged ladies.


Overall rating6.8

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The first page shows you a large banner of a seductive woman with her breasts exposed as you determine whether or not you wish to enter. Clicking yes enters you to the next page where you see more explicit preview pictures for you to browse. You can buy their clothing, go to another tour page, or just sign up for membership right then and there. Lots and lots of mature entertainment await those who are willing to throw down the cash and buy access.

Upon entering the membership section, you get to see the mature ladies who make up the site, including Abigail, Lauren, and others. There is no set way to find videos or photographs on the website, which is unfortunate and makes it difficult to easily navigate the website. Two women, Lauren and Abigail are prominently featured, and if you click around a while, you can eventually find some of the 147 or so videos located. There are various file formats available, including WMV and AVI. The WMV is available in both 400x300 and 320x240 and 176x144 resolutions. The AVI (when available) is available in 320x240 resolutions.

Photographs are plentiful and thorough, with over 650 different galleries to choose from at any given website. You can click on any given gallery and it will take you to a thumbnail index where you can click and see some hot cougar image. The photos are explicit and can vary in all forms of resolution from 600x400 to 400x1000 or any variation thereof. Zip files are available for some, if not all galleries so you will have that convenience available to you at many times. The resolutions for the images are one way, so you cannot get any additional sizes, but the images are clear and easy to see so that should not be a big concern for you.

Updates are available weekly, so you can get lots of hardcore, MILF action with Lauren Afton. Flash players are not available for this website, so you will manually need to download and open the video files yourself. Bonus sites don’t exist, but there are many galleries of older women to make up for that.


Mature women are loved by many men, and at LaurenAfton.com, you can get a good feel for all the cougar action in store for you. There are lots of videos and images available with weekly updates, but the difficulty in browsing what you desire and when take away from the site's quality. In conclusion, if you have the patience and desire for mature women, you are more than recommended to buy a membership here.

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