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Review: June 5, 2015

All Exclusive Content takes simplicity to the extreme, and for what that simplicity offers, it's not bad. I can't say that's a ringing endorsement, however; the simple thing that this site offers is a sheer massive quantity of content. It's also pretty good content, but that's it. There are no bells, no whistles; not much besides lots and lots of videos. They're good, and they get the job done, but this site may be too simple for its own good.

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Overall rating7

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With almost 4400 videos available to its members, All Exclusive should be a fantastic repository of adult content. That content is pretty good too. The reality of this site, however, is that it leaves much to be desired. That's unfortunate, as there are some admirable qualities to this site.

I'll start with those first, and first up; you get a lot here, and I mean a lot. Over 4300 videos are currently up on the site. That's an incredible amount of porn, so much that you'd never get bored with what's here. Further, the videos are good length. Most are over 20 minutes in length, and I didn't find any under 15 minutes. That's nice; some sites with lots of videos will beef up their numbers with short clips. That's not the case here.

They're good too. Lots of name porn stars, great action, and most of it looks like it's been produced in studios. This means good production values (lighting, editing, etc). The talent is solid. There are tons of different women, with lots of variety. With this much content, that's probably self-evident, but it's worth noting nonetheless.

Videos load and play quickly in the in-site player, and resolution is crisp and clear.

So what's the problem? Well, there are a few. With this much content, a strong sorting system would help. While this site is very easy to figure out, there is almost no way to sort content. There is one drop down menu that provides categories in to which videos are sorted, but that's it. There is no model index, no popularity ratings; nothing. This makes it hard to find good content without heavy browsing. Even the categories aren't great. For example, I wanted to find gangbang videos, but there is no gangbang category.

Also, there are no downloads, and this is a major downer. You can only view content within the site. Further, there are no photos; the site is 100% streaming video.

Amount of content: 4360+ videos
Update frequency: No information available
Exclusive content: Unknown, but unlikely
Max video resolution: 1080p
Video types: Flash
Photo resolution: n/a
Available for mobile: Yes

Conclusion will appeal mostly to customers who want one thing, and want it simply; lots and lots of porn. If you're seeking a site that just throws tons of videos at you, cleanly and with nothing extra, you've found your porn home. I liked the content here, and the amount is awesome. However, I was put off by the sorting system (or lack thereof); and the fact that I couldn't download anything really bugged me. I'd recommend the low-cost trial to start if you're curious.

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