Amazing Cleo Review

Review: December 4, 2012
Amazing Cleo

I started this review by doing a little research on AmazingCleo, and I I'm glad I did. I checked out the Freeones babe database, and it turns out that Cleo is also known as porn star Sydney Simpson. She's got a good body of work, and it looks like she's taken her talents in to her own hands with this site, where she shares her sex life with us. The only thing is, Amazing Cleo's bio differs from Sydney Simpson's. Will the real babe step up? Oh, who cares...she loves to show the goods!


Overall rating6.8

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The focus of this solo girl site, Amazing Cleo (or Sydney Simpson...), is a bit like a Monet painting...looks good from far away, but when you get up close, it becomes a mess. When I first started reviewing this site, I was pretty stoked. She has a look that I like...big tits, blonde hair, curvy...that's all good stuff for me.

Well, then I started looking a little more closely, and found that she's a bit of a butterface. She's not unattractive, but her skin's a little rough and the teeth are a little messy.

All of that said, this chick has a body that is pretty nice. For you fans of natural tits, Amazing Cleo has them, and they're not only big, they're dynamite...firm, well-shaped, and perky, and they move nicely.

She's a 26 year old from Krakow, Poland, who is engaged, works part time as a hairdresser (at least according to her site bio), and loves to pose for pics and be watched getting fucked on camera. And you know what? I believe it. She really seems to be in to the sex. It doesn't look like just a performance to me, and that's something that a lot of porn fans like. To add to this sense of personal enjoyment, she even offers to take special requests from members via email, including dedications. That sounds like someone who enjoys their work!

So, we have a mixed bag so far....great body, enthusiastic, but a so-so face. How's the content? Well, another mixed bag. There is not a ton of content from her yet. However, what's here is pretty good. She really does love to pose and have sex, that's obvious. Navigation is simple. The videos may be downloaded or streamed, although the streaming experience isn't great (no streaming flash). Production values are typical of a high-end handheld camcorder. There are 32 pic sets with about 30-40 pics/set, and they open with a resolution of 1024x768px.

Amount of content: 32 pic sets and 20 videos
Update frequency: Bonus material daily - websites 2x monthly
Exclusive content: Yes
Max video resolution: 720x 480 and (HD)856/480
Video types: wmv
Photo resolution: 1024x768px
Available for mobile: No


Amazing Cleo is a conundrum. She has a good body, great tits, and a hot sexual attitude; but the face is a little rough. Content is hot and Cleo gets in to it, but there's not a ton here. I had trouble with this one, because I liked some of it, but felt a little light when I was done perusing the site. If you include the bonus content (and there really is a lot), this might be a buy if Cleo appeals to you. The tour gives a decent idea of the inside, so check it out well.

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