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Review: June 1, 2007, by teaser

If you like cartoons, anime, manga, hentai type of erotic action then you will want to check out AnimeEcstasy. Anime Ecstasy offers you a pretty normal tour that shows you hot anime chicks with colored hair doing nasty things to other cartoon characters. The tour tells us if we like hot cute anime chicks then we will want to jump in and get a look at these hotties fucking hard.

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Anime offers you a simple navigation system so you can get around the site relatively easy. The top offers you 2 sets of links. These lead to Movies, Photos, Bonus Feeds, DVD Archive, Customer Support (which is not active at this time), and Find A Date (which is an online dating site specializing in not-so-serious relationships. Then there is a small header and a 2nd row of links leading to the same content, but they also added live chat cams, free sites and a sex shop. On the top left of the page is a drop down menu with links to twenty-five other sites you get access to with your Anime Ecstasy membership. The rest of the page is devoted to the anime video action.

There are 24 hardcore cartoon movies spread across 3 pages that offer you various cartoon type videos. I will be honest; I was expecting more anime and less dirty cartoon action. There are only 6 real anime/hentai type videos the rest are dirty cartoons that are very old and grainy. These are still worth a laugh, so you might wanna watch them anyway. As an anime fan I was really let down.

All of the cartoon videos are all broken into 2-min clips and available in mpg and wmv formats only, there isn't a streaming video option. The quality of the movies was a bit disappointing to be perfectly honest. They were fairly small in size and somewhat grainy. The sound was usually pretty good.

You also have access to bonus sites, bonus feeds, dvd archives, and live chat with your membership. These are broken into niches like Asian, Gay, Mature, Teen, Hardcore and more. The feeds are set up the same was as the bonus sites, there are several different niches you can check out. You also get pictures, hundreds of pictures in categories of mature, amateur, hardcore, but there are not any anime pictures, the closest you get is Asian sluts. These are all thumb-nailed and the pictures as well as the thumbnails are easy to see and are crystal clear. If you like chatting then check out the live chat area, where you will find twenty-three different chat systems to check out.


I must say again as a huge anime fan, I wasn't impressed with Anime Ecstasy as a stand-alone site. There are only 24 videos and they aren't all anime. You get some dirty cartoons instead of anime. However; when you add in the 26 other bonus sites, feeds and dvd archive, then you aren't looking at a bad membership; just don't expect much in the way of anime or hentai type action.

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