Armpit Girls Review

Review: March 11, 2014
Armpit Girls

There's a fetish for just about every part of the human body, so of course, the arm pit is also an area of sexual attraction for some people. There's even a term for this fetish; axillism (after the technical term for the arm pit, the axilla). Arm Pit Girls brings a pretty good amount of content to the table to satisfy those of you who are down with the pits. This site has a ton of potential for fetishists, but it could use some work to realize that potential.


Overall rating6.5

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I want to like Arm Pit Really, I do. The kind of fetish that is featured here is different and interesting, and I'm sure the fetishists that are in to this one probably don't have a lot of places to find content that satisfies the itch. The reality is that this site could use some work to get those fetishists on board.

There are some good things about this place, so I'll start with that. There is a fairly high amount of content here, and it's all shot in a decent fashion. The talent ranges from average to somewhat hot, although I didn't find any stunning girls here. When you can find a video that strongly features arm pit content, it's good stuff, the kind that an arm pit lover would really get in to.

But that's the start of my problems with the site. I looked all over this site, and I simply had trouble easily finding content that really focused heavily on arm pits. It looks like a lot of the videos here were shot with multiple purposes in mind; i.e. they could be used in an arm pit video, or a cuckold video, or any of a number of other fetishes. There are some that are truly focused on arm pits, but I had to dig around to find them.

And that's another problem; the site's user interface leaves a lot to be desired. There are no sorting or searching tools, so everything has to be browsed, which takes time. This is exacerbated by the fact that the site has no streaming video option. Everything has to be downloaded. The videos download fairly quickly, but it's still not as quick as streams.

Even with all of this, I think the site has content that would be compelling for people who are in to the pit fetish. You're going to have to dig to find it, but it's there, and the price is not bad.

Amount of content: 350+ videos and photosets
Update frequency: 4 times a month
Exclusive content: It appears to be exclusive
Max video resolution: Information unavailable
Video types: wmv, mp4
Photo resolution: 1500 x 2241 pixels
Available for mobile: Yes


Armpit has a singular appeal; people who like their porn focused around the arm pits of women. This site needs some serious help with its user interface, and also should strive to focus more on what the site is supposed to be about, as I think its content is too scattered. That said, when you find something that includes arm pit content, it's decent. There's also a good amount of it here, with weekly updates. I think the price is OK. If you can't find it anywhere else, there's stuff here for pit pervs.

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