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Review: January 18, 2010
Bang Her Boyfriend is not a gay sex site. Though it might sound like one, it is actually anything but. is a straight site casting new or amateur stars in very hot situations. The name of the game here is cheating. Relatively heavy story-lined scenes puts lots of sexy girls fucking their girlfriends' boyfriends and even husbands behind their backs. Members to the site can expect to find photosets as well as videos available for download.


Overall rating7

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Bang Her was a surprise and a bit of a relief as I expected it to be guys getting with their girlfriends' boyfriends. The title may be just a little misleading so if you are looking for a gay site, this one isn't it. However, if you enjoy girls stealing their best friends man, this is right up your alley.

Cheating is a hot scenario, especially when there is some storyline to it. I admit, it is a guilty pleasure of mine so it was nice to find a little cheating site out there. Feel free to view a generous amount of free trailers and see what the site has to offer. The site design is very simple yet bland but easy to get around which really counts in the long run. The members area is simple to navigate as well since all its content fits on a single page. Granted, you have to scroll down a bit to view the content but all in all, there's not much of it.

Photo sets are nice and the design is really easy. Get to them by finding your scene and pick between pictures and videos. Pictures are of average quality and are mostly 800 x 600 pixels except for when they are 720 x 480 pixels. There are no zip file downloads and sets range between about 100 to about 500 pictures in a set.

Videos are much better looking though can only be downloaded in wmv format and cannot be streamed. They run great in fullscreen and are about 640 x 480 in resolution with a bitrate of around 1000 kb/sec. They all have quick story-lines which surprisingly have decent acting for the most part. The camera work deserves some mention as it is simple and makes the situations look more authentic and realistic.

As for bonus content, you're going to need it with a total of 18 videos as of this review. Fortunately, you get access to 14 other sites with their own content to contribute with a fair variety of niches.


BangHerBoyfriend was pretty good all in all except for the amount of content. I watched a few scenes and actually rather enjoyed the taboo of the very hot cheating situations. There is a nice variety of girls from your average girl-next-door, alternative girls, and even milfs. Check out the free trailers and find out if you like what you see, just keep in mind there is just not much content on the inside which is its only major flaw.

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