Beaver Hunt Review

Review: January 26, 2011, by ruben
Beaver Hunt

This my friends is why the fuck Larry Flynt is so damn famous. Throughout his career he has made it a point to allow rookie babes the chance to open up their pussies for a chance at stardom. is where every horny, starstruck lady is encouraged to break out her tits, take a dick or two and just have some fun. Some are funky, most are fucking amazing! Have fun!


Overall rating8.8

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The deal here is pretty damn simple to grasp and it is done really well. If you have not been here for a while, things have changed up a bit, but all you have to do is simply scroll along the main page to find BeaverHunt. As you scroll, you will notice that the gods of temptation (Hustler designers) have also placed a great many other types of action in your path. But we are here to hunt beavers and hunt beavers we shall.

At this point, there are 287 scenes to check out and they are all hot. The aspiring fuck stars all come in different shapes and sizes and most appear very young, ripe and ready to play. There are are a few that look like they have done this before but most seem clueless and that is the best part to watch.

One of my favorite fuck tarts is Brooke Lee Adams who is so damn young that she bypasses the age question altogether. She explains during the first part of her "interview" that her goal is to to get involved in the business side of the porn industry. That may have been her original plan, but instead she ends up on the business side of a massive cock. She may play innocent but she can suck and fuck like a pro. She will go far and walk bow-legged all the way to the bank.

There are no photos to download at this point but you can stream and download high-quality video very quickly in a variety of formats. Choose from a Flash Player, Mpeg file, Windows Media stream or Windows media file. Every single video is perfect in regard to color and content and the selection of kink models is top notch. Each scene seems to average about 20 minutes. I'm telling you - Larry does not fuck around.

Count of a ton of sweat, a whole lot of screaming, moaning for days, crazy tricks and funny interviews that explain just how much these ladies want to get a hold of good old-fashioned porn dollars. It will be nice to see some succeed. Only a handful need to go back to the trailer parks where they came from.


The bottom line here at Beaver Hunt is youth and youth is amazing to see when it is desperate, horny and dripping wet. Youth is also fun to see with a thick dick its moth, pussy and ass. This site is growing rapidly and should keep you happy for a very long time. If you get bored, Hustler has you covered with total access to Barely Legal and nearly 30 sexy bonus sites. You just can't go wrong here if you are a pussy fan.

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