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Review: March 24, 2010
7 views is a reality themed site that documents the adventures of real life swingers. It seems to show real life swinging by actual real life swingers. The content looks homemade with a professional spin on things. The members to the site will get full and total access to real videos as well as plenty of pictures to match and even some surprising extra bonuses all included with your subscription.

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Overall rating6.8

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Born to is a cool and interesting site to someone like me. As someone who is somewhat dabbling into the swinging lifestyle with his partner, I like to see and learn everything I can about swinging. This gave me a unique look into the lifestyle on top of just enjoying some good porn. has a playful and more pornesque kind of point of view from the tour. Check out the completely free tour to see if this is your kind of thing by all means. This is definitely made to be a porn site but curious swingers may find interest in the site as well. See hotties to average people engaging in some really hot activities here. The site design is simple if not a little boring but it gets the job done.

If you like what you see, join up and get into the members area. From here you will get into the archives. You will notice one immediate drawback, however. There is only a total of 9 videos that involve swinging. The videos area pretty good though and if you like group sex this is right up your alley as most of these videos end up in threesomes, foursomes, and more.

Videos may be streamed in flash or downloaded in either wmv at 720x540 or mp4 at 320x338 with a bitrate up to 2500kb/sec which is dvd quality at their best. I am pretty convinced that these are real swingers from looks of these videos which is a good thing.

Pictures are available but from what I have seen, they are merely screen caps of the videos but are not as gritty as you would normally expect. The pictures run around 800x533 in their biggest and can viewed in a hands free slideshow.

A nice thing about the site is the bonus content. You will get access to a whole network that will include over 70 sites, almost 5000 videos, and over 16000 pictures. My favourite part of the whole site was the access to over 800 real DVD movies in the bonuses as well.


BornToSwing is a cool idea for a site but it fell short only because of its lack of swinging content. Its hard to be negative about the site because it makes up in its bonus material and especially with the over 800 DVDs online. All-in-all, its not a bad site, just don't expect to see much on swinging. Check out the bonus sites first and if you like them, this may be a decent purchase for you, especially with the bonus DVDs.

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