Bosom Box 3 Review

Review: March 23, 2009, by Steve
Bosom Box 3

Bosom Box 3 is no ordinary busty or big boobs site. Many other sites claim to have big titted models on them but they're nothing compared to this. These are nothing but the very biggest breasted models and porn stars with breasts so massive that they could break your hard drive! The site promises incredible high quality videos, tons of content and stars such as BB Gunns, Colt 45, Casey James and many more!


Overall rating6

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BosomBox3 has a couple of decent tour pages filled with big titted ladies who aptly are given extremely large preview images. I guess it was the only way to fit those boobs of theirs in! There are several video trailers on show, but aside from a few names of some of the models that appear on the site, there wasn't a whole lot of information about the site.

The members' area of was pretty easy to get around as it only really has one major page which all the site's videos are listed on. None of the updates are dated and there are no indications of how often new videos may be added. There are no photo galleries on offer yet and no real bonus content. In total, the site has currently just 10 videos on offer.

These videos can be streamed or downloaded, both in .WMV formats. There are both high and low resolution videos on each episode. Low-res videos play at 320x240px, with the high-res videos playing at 640x480px. Download speeds were pretty fast though despite whole file downloads only, but I couldn't find any information about whether the videos were exclusive to the site.

There is something of a clash of sizes on this site. Whilst the boobs may be big, or out-and-out gigantic on some occasions, the site is extremely small. If only both elements could have been huge! I'm guessing that this is a really new site and that's why there are so few videos currently on here but without knowing how often they intend adding new videos to the site, it's pretty hard to know how quickly the site could grow.

The small amount of videos here focuses completely on modelling, posing and stripping and it is a softcore collection only. This gives a chance for the likes of renowned big-titted ladies such as Maxi Mounds and Chelsea Charms to show off those incredible tits without the distraction of being fucked! The particular favourite video of mine was seeing Colt 45 giving her car a topless sponging down. It's an old trick but it still works well!


Bosom Box seems to be a new site on the block but even still its incredibly small library is hard to justify at the monthly fee they're asking. With no real bonus sites or content either, you don't have anything to fill your time with. It could be one for the future though if they add new videos often and keep adding ones that are as good as they have on the site now.

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