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Review: July 15, 2022, by Neil
933 views is a part of the network that consists of more than 20 sites, and each one of these sites offers something mind-blowing and outstanding. Whether you like watching straight porn, lesbians, trans girls, or something else, you will find 100s of videos and pictures in a quality that's better than good. Brazzers currently has more than 700 HD videos, and that number keeps getting bigger every week. Membership will cost you $32 per month, but if you decide to become a member for a longer period, you can get a great discount. Also, you can take the advantage of the trial membership and test out the site for 2 days.

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Overall rating8.7

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Brazzers is definitely a site everyone knows whether he or she is a casual porn watcher or a hardcore fan. Not only does this place has HD scenes, but it also offers great porn in general. They've become so famous because they consist of more than 20 sites that offer great scenes like no other place. The collection of this network is massive and it offers thousands of videos with some of the most famous pornstars. The site was founded back in 2004 and it became much bigger and better since then.

You are probably interested in what this place offers, so let's get on with it. The Brazzers alone has over 700 HD scenes, and there are more coming every week. You can even check the upcoming schedule and see what's going to be uploaded in the next week. The update schedule is consistent and frequent, which means you can expect to see 2 new scenes every day. With an upload schedule like this one, you won't have to worry about running out of things to watch. If you were wondering what kind of scenes this site offers, then you'll be pleased to hear that you can find almost anything that comes to your mind. Some of the scenes feature a sexy stepmom that wants to have fun with her stepson while they are home alone, and others might show a horny masseuse massaging something other than the client's back.

We can all agree that Brazzers is probably the most famous porn site, and offers the best pornstars ever. If you have a favorite model, you can easily find her here with just a few clicks. Every model here has a very detailed profile with all the info you need. I know that you are probably not interested in that information but in all the scenes a specific model can be seen.

Since I mentioned that this network consists of over 20 sites, it's worth mentioning that you won't get full access with this membership. If you purchase a membership for Brazzers, that's the only site you will get access to. Membership for every other site needs to be paid extra, and it would be quite expensive if you wanted to check out what every one of these sites.

Navigating on the site is quite easy, and you will be able to find anything you can think of within minutes. If you look at the top of the page, you will see sections for everything you need. If you want to check out the scenes, just click on that section and start browsing. Not only do you get to see all scenes, but you can also sort and narrow the search thanks to all the features you have available. For example, you can select to look at scenes with specific models or to see videos in some categories. On top of that, you can take advantage of the search engine and look for something very specific.

The quality of the scenes is just outstanding. All scenes are available in 1080p, but the latest updates are available even in 4K. 1080p scenes look just amazing, but they look much better in 2160p because you can see every tiny detail. Videos can be both streamed and downloaded, and you will get the same quality in both cases. It's worth mentioning that files are quite big since the quality is amazing, so it might take a little longer to download than you would've thought.

Even though there isn't a section for photo sets, you can find pictures for every scene this place offers. Once you open a video, you will see a button that shows you all the pictures for that scene. The number of pictures per scene varies, but you can find more than 50 or even 100 photos. These images can be viewed on the site, but you can also download them in ZIP files that come in mind-blowing resolution.

With all these HD scenes, you wouldn't even think about asking for anything else, but there's more. I know that not all of you are fans of merch, but offers a shop with all kinds of items that are available for everyone. You can find things like caps, shirts, towels, and much more. The prices are quite high in my opinion, but I think some of you won't mind paying $40 for a hat.


There's no doubt that Brazzers is one of the best porn sites out there, and that they offer scenes that can't be compared to anything else. They currently offer more than 700 HD scenes that come in quality that goes up to 4K. Older scenes are available in 1080p, but almost all new scenes are available in 2160p. Not only do you get to see all these outstanding videos, but you can also check out photo sets that come with each scene. Both photos and videos can be downloaded in the best quality available, but you can also enjoy them on the site, so there's really no need to download these huge files.

Even though Brazzers is a part of the network that has more than 20 sites, you won't get access to other sites unless you purchase every membership individually. A monthly membership will cost you $32, but you can get a discount if you decide to become a member for a longer period. Also, there's a trial membership that will let you test out the site for 2 days. That will be more than enough to realize that this site has anything you can think of.

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