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Review: September 9, 2008, by Gabrio
Brenda James

Brenda is the official site of a wild amateur wife that enjoys going naked and this is her only official site where you can get access to all her photos and videos; by checking out the tour of the site you can see that she loves to have fun with her toys and to play with herself too! So I guess that if you want to know something more, you just have to keep on reading below....


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If you are ready to know all the juiciest details about this sexy milf's website then you are in the right place....within a short while I entered the main page of her website and we have the following goodies available: at the top you have 6 links for the various main sections of the site, then you have a welcome message right on the main page, for being more precise it's on the right of the page and then you have a quick list of the latest updates that have been done on the site and from what I can see they have been done recently, in fact the date of the last one is aug 30, 2008.

First of all I clicked Picture Galleries from the top of the page and you have a list of all the photo galleries collection that she has, an useful thing is that for each of the sets you have right away that links to the .zip files and the matching video set to, available for windows media and real player too, that's quite handy if you ask me. The photo galleries have a pretty good quality, the sets open in a new window that is a bit annoying if you ask me and the .zip downloads were downloading at a pretty good speed for me, around 450 k/sec, which is enough for most .zip sets.

Right click is disabled from what I can see so the only way for saving the video clips onto your hard drive is to click the links for the clips, then wait until windows media player saves them in full onto the hard drive and then when he's finished use file > save target as, that should work fine. I tested some video clips and they are a little small however buffering was quick and smooth. Browsing around the sets, you will see many outdoors clips, then there are others when she is busy with her male friends and stuff like that.

If you click Videos from the top of the page, it's the very same thing, since both links (first and second) lead to the very same page. Then you have a link About Me where you can read more about her and then you have Links and Personal Items.


Summing up, Brenda James's site is quite clean, the amount of content looks okay and although I was thinking to find something more, I think that you will appreciate the fact that she updates her website often, that will make all of you quite happy in my opinion. The quality of the content looks nice and if you like to watch a sexy milf babe in action, then you came to the right place, have fun!

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