Brutal Pickups Review

Review: January 22, 2016
Brutal Pickups

What happens when a hot young girl finds herself lost and broke on the streets of downtown Miami? Well, she better hope she doesn't run in to Bruno from This site has a nifty and unique premise, and really does a great job of making it easy to suspend disbelief. There's not much here yet, but I'm looking forward to more, because I really enjoyed my time watching these videos. Add in some nice bonuses, and I think you will too.


Overall rating7.4

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The main meat puppet at Brutal Pickups, Bruno, is not the kind of guy that you'd want to run in to in a dark alley. Unfortunately for the babes that are featured on this BDSM/public themed site, that's exactly what happens to them. The guys at the Fetish Network of sites are pretty creative, and this site is the latest in their line of themed offerings.

The main thing that I liked here was the idea itself. A typical video starts out on a downtown Miami street, where Bruno (a tattooed and tough looking muscle head) is approached by a wayward waif. She's either lost, abandoned, or has some other sob story that she pours out on the indifferent Bruno. As she begs for help (money, a phone call, a ride, etc), offering anything he wants, Bruno eventually pulls her in to an alley or behind a fence, and the fun begins. She's soon trussed up and giving Bruno what he wants.

It's all play-acting, of course. There's even a post-action interview with the girl where she's asked how she liked the scene, always with a positive response. That said, it's well done and it's easy to get in to the action, even knowing it's not "real." I liked the semi-public aspect of it. Most scenes are shot in a way that the action is hidden, but not completely. The girls are decent looking, if not gorgeous, and they worked for me.

The site is very easy to navigate. You're dumped in to the larger network when you log in (a nice bonus, by the way), and have to make your way to this site. Once there, videos are laid out linearly with pic links. Choose a scene, and multiple viewing options are available. Everything, even streams, comes out in super high def. I found this to be excellent.

The only possible negative here is amount of content, and frequency of updates. There doesn't appear to be a consistent update schedule.

Amount of content: 10 scenes
Update frequency: Infrequent
Exclusive content: Yes
Max video resolution: UDHD 4320P
Video types: mp4
Photo resolution: 1920x1080px
Available for mobile: Yes


I really found myself getting in to the shadowy antics at The whole public disgrace aspect of the site was a change of pace from the usual porn, and it's well done here. The site is nicely organized, and the viewing and download options are outstanding. I want to see more, and consistent updates. The price is also a little steep, but the bonuses are heavy and make up for a lot. There are previews, so check them out. I liked what I saw here and think you will too.

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