Bushy Bushy Review

Review: July 7, 2011, by daniels
Bushy Bushy

For those who enjoy going deep into the bush, have no fear since BushyBushy.com has all the women with au naturelle pussy in case you were getting a bit tired of the shaved variety. Big breasts, big bush, all different types of gals here for your perusal. It's nice to see a woman in her more natural state, and with our review, we go deep inside to see if this peach fuzz fiesta is worth laying down the clams for or not.


Overall rating8.8

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You don't get any warning screen, and for people looking for hairy pussy, they probably don't need one. Entering the page immediately shows you a ton of great, naked women with their bush in full, plain view. You can see their twitter, facebook and YouTube accounts, the different girls featured on the website, and even a preview of all the different videos featured on this well-designed website.

A continuation of the tour is available if the first page wasn't enough for you. There is also an easy-to-access members page, right next to the join now page. I have to give you a warning though, there is a pre-checked box for another site at the join pages so if you don't want to be surprised with extra charges keep this in mind and uncheck that box.

After putting down the cash and getting to the members' screen, you get treated to a nice preview of some hot, all-bush action. The index clearly and vividly displays preview thumbnail gifs for you to see. There are 100 videos in total to see, so you shouldn't be bored with what is offered online. Clicking on any scene takes you to the video page where you can either stream it or download it in WMV format. You can either get a higher resolution WMV (720x480), or get a smaller 360x240 style. A flash player exists with 720x480 resolutions.

If it is pictures you want, they have them here as well. 32 photo galleries are easily available for anyone trying to get a still shot of something that caught their eye as they saw the website. The picture galleries don't seem to have any ZIP files, so you must just pick and choose which individual pictures you are looking for. Clicking on any image within the indexed gallery darkens the screen and lets you focus on the woman showing off her fuzzy beaver in high-def. The images we saw were 1080x1620 or at least 1280x850 in size. You should have zero problems being able to see every last detail in the scene.

Updates are at least twice a month or so, maybe even weekly, so you'll definitely be able to cruise the archives as you await more content at Bushy Bushy.com. Flash players are available, so you can see all the hot, beaver pounding action as it unfolds. On top of all this you get access to a huge Network.


They have fuzzy beavers, they love showing them off, and with BushyBushy.com, and you will get to see how much they love going natural in front of the cameras. Lots of content, fresh updates and beautiful women are definitely some of the highlights you will immediately become aware of once joining. We recommend buying a membership due to all the beautiful scenery captured in HD for those who can appreciate more modern scenes.

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