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Review: July 18, 2008, by Donna

Want to watch some urban guys in high quality movies and photos? Then Buzzed might just be the place for you. If you love black and Hispanic guys from the city, you will love checking out this paysite. A membership gains you access to hot, original video, live web cams, and a huge range of photo material. If you join via the Bad Puppy network, you also gain access to all there exclusive sites. The tour isn't that extensive, but you can get an idea of what awaits you inside.

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Overall rating7.3

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The first thing that hits you when you log into the members area of Buzzed Up is a list of all the hot models for your viewing pleasure. The site itself has a simple layout. All the content can be found by surfing through the models you want to check out. At the top of the page is a main header image with text links to features such as: Support, Home Video DVD, Live Video Feeds, and Bonus Features. The rest of the page lists 96 model features. Each model had a small screencap image, so you can take a look at how hot the model is before you check out his photos/videos, and the model's name. The only other things found on the index page are ads to affiliates and also some additional movie clips via external links.

All the recent model additions have both video clips and photo galleries, the majority however, just have photo sets to view. I checked out Dulio and Marco's videos. Both videos had a full length option and were also split into 10 clips for easier viewing. The only two viewing options are Standard Size and Full Size. These movies cannot be downloaded, only streamed at the site. They are streamed in a Quicktime format and you have to run Active X on your computer. In standard size, the movies are good quality, although the clips only last around 30 seconds. If you choose the full size, however, you loose some of the quality.

The photo galleries for each model are a real positive aspect to the site. There are a good number of images in each set. With well over 100 images for each model, I was impressed with the quantity of photo material. All the galleries are laid out in a thumbnail format. Clicking the image opens it up in it's original size. The photo's are an average size at a picture resolution of 600 x 400. They are very viewable though - very clear so you can see all those gorgeous cocks on show! There are some negative points - the lack of .zip files or slideshows.

Extras include a few free movies of the day from various sites found under the Live Feeds link, for access to Bad Puppy sites go to the main BP network page and use your Buzzed Up log in details.

Conclusion has some hot guys with big cocks who aren't afraid to cum for the camera! Fortunately, all the action is captured for your viewing pleasure. While the guys are hot, the site itself is rather average. There are 96 model features, but there are no update schedules, and not all of those model features include video footage. There is a heavy emphasis on photo content. The videos are not downloadable and are only available in limited format. Overall, a basic site.

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