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Review: November 18, 2009, by Steve

Club Capri Cavalli is 'the hottest Canadian pornstar you will ever feast your eyes on' and this is her official site. Most famous for her work with Naughty America and Brazzers she is here now in brand new and exclusive content where she shares her sexual adventures with men and women alike with all of her members. You can also check out her sexy solo sessions too and any candid footage she wants to share with you!

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ClubCapri Cavalli would presumably be a very new site when you consider that it has only 14 photo galleries and 11 videos on board, and that it seems to be updating as many as three times per week. In both its tour area and members' area, the site is extremely well presented. There is lots of information about Capri although her blog is very rarely updated and tells you very little. Update information was very good though with some info about upcoming updates as well not to mention the fact that all of the content is split into different categories in both video and photo sections.

All photo galleries and videos on this site are available for download. The galleries usually offer you the option of different thumbnail sizes as well, although not all galleries featured the same size of images. Generally, the photos were sized at 667x1000px or 500x750px. Videos could be streamed on the site at 640x360px via a Flash 'FlowPlayer' but could also be download in .WMV, .MOV and .FLV formats. The best quality versions played at 854x480px, but it's worth noting that all video options were for the full length videos only.

The breaking news of the site when I reviewed it was that Capri Cavalli had just had her first 'cock only orgasm'. Probably quite useful to be able to have those if you're a hardcore porn actress! I have encountered her name a few times recently so it was nice to see some more of her stuff gathered together in one place. There isn't a whole heck of a lot of it just yet but I liked the look of how regularly they appear to be updating this site.

In some ways, the breadth of content that she serves up hampers the site somewhat because there really isn't enough of any of the different types of content she can perform in. The solo galleries were especially well shot, I have to say, and even if thematically they are not especially original, they looked really good - and so did she. I would very much like to know who her tattooed friend is in one of the girl/girl photo galleries she has on offer at the moment - answers on a postcard please!


It is very difficult to judge ClubCapri just yet as it is so new, so small and difficult to know how it will get on. What I can say is that the content is all exclusive, Capri looks lovely, and there is already a lot of ground covered by the different types of content here. Plus, there are always three other official porn star sites to keep you busy as you wait for this one to grow.

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