Chardonnay Langford Review

Review: October 9, 2012, by Steve
Chardonnay Langford

Taste Chardonnay is the official website of the lovely amateur adult model Chardonnay Langford. She strips, often outside in the bright sunshine, as often as possible to show off her great figure and natural boobs, occasionally stopping to pleasure herself in her all exclusive content. Just in case you find yourself needing something else to look at, she even drops 30 bonus sites on you to enjoy yourself with as well!


Overall rating6.8

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This is a pretty nice and easy site to navigate and I didn't have much of a problem with it. The main problem with the presentation of the site is that it does look rather old fashioned to say the least and there was the odd broken image hanging around as well. There were no descriptions of any of the galleries and videos here, technical or descriptive, and there was no update information offered either. I would have liked a bit of background on the site's star as well even though there is a short biography on her. Clearly, a lack of information is this site's main problem.

There are no ZIP downloads available on any of the galleries here and most photos are sized at pretty much the same size - 1024x768px. Images did vary in size at times, though. There is a serious lack of video options, too, with no streaming available and videos immediately downloading in WMV format to play at no better than 640x480px. Again, not great presentation and the ageing look to it does suggest to me that this site no longer updates.

Being a tee-totaller as I am, an invitation to taste any kind of alcoholic beverage is one that I would always politely decline. But the invitation being made by is one that I am definitely never going to decline! This lovely, all natural and rather curvy redhead has a website here that doesn't teem with that many original or new ideas. But what it does have on its side is a lovely and enthusiastic model who just settles for getting nude and looking sexy, usually outdoors. Masturbating and dildoing is the peak of the naughtiness of the content here, but I quite liked this site - and it does have heavy back-up in the form of the 30+ bonus sites it comes with.

Amount of content: 63 photo galleries and 12 videos
Update frequency: No info in members' area - site reports: "2 times per month"
Exclusive content: Yes
Max video resolution: 856x480
Video types: WMV
Photo resolution: 1024x768px
Avaliable for mobile: No


Taste is a site that does Chardonnay Langford justice as a model - but only just. It isn't very well presented, really, even though it navigates alright and it generally looks rather old fashioned. I doubt it updates any more and if this is the case, I still think that it is a decent member of a very good and very large network that makes it much better value than it would have been otherwise.

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