Charisma Capelli Review

Review: March 24, 2015
Charisma Capelli

Fans of cute hotties are in for a fun trip when they visit Club Charisma XXX, the home site of Charisma Cappelli. This blonde hottie brings a heavy sexual appetite to her solo girl site, and she manages to be both smoking hot and adorable at the same time. This hardcore homage to Charisma has both strong points and weaknesses, and it appeals primarily to fans of her look and reputation. There's good stuff within, but it appears to have fallen off as of late.


Overall rating6.4

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As solo girl sites go, Club Charisma is better than some, not as good as others, and might be best described as "it gets the job done." Its primary selling point is its semi-titular focus, the wonderful Charisma Cappelli. She's a fairly typical blonde pornstar in a lot of ways, but fans of Charisma know that she's got a little something extra. Her cute smile and spunky sexual energy sort of set her apart from most other proto-typical blonde babes. Sure, she's got the usual enhanced set of big boobs, but she's not just any meat sock. She really seems to enjoy her work and it shows.

Serious fans of Charisma will probably like anything she's in. I have to admit, I like her and her work. However, this site isn't everything I was hoping it would be. The content here is good and Charisma's talent shines through, so fanboys of Ms. Cappelli will be good here.

That said, the technical quality of the content is all over the place. There is no information on the video resolution, but at its best, it's not great. There is definitely no high res video.

There's also not a great amount of content available; currently only 47 videos and 34 photo galleries. If the site were updating regularly, I might be ok with this. However, it appears that the last update was over 4 months ago, and before that, 7 more months. It looks like updates are, at best, infrequent. I am guessing that the content is not exclusive either; that's a feeling based on small clues.

On the plus side, the site's layout is one of the better ones I've seen. It's easy to figure out, simply intuitive, and attractive. The content viewing options are also great; once you've found a video or photo set, there are several ways to check them out. Charisma was doing occasional live shows until about 3-4 months ago; there is an archive of these available.

Amount of content: 47 videos/34 photosets
Update frequency: Infrequently
Exclusive content: Unknown
Max video resolution: Information unavailable
Video types: flash, wmv, mp4
Photo resolution: 640px × 850px
Available for mobile: Yes


It's a tale of two cities at The site has a few things going for it, starting with Charisma, the site's focus. She's super hot and cute. It has a nice layout and is easy to use. On the flip side, there just isn't much here, and quality is a little low. If you like Charisma, it might be worth a trial. Others, join for the bonuses, which are serious (Pornstar Platinum network access). I'd wait to see if updates start coming, and if Charisma is live again before joining.

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