Chat Revenge Review

Review: June 24, 2015
Chat Revenge

Chat Revenge purports to bring you a special form of revenge porn; supposedly what you'll get here as a member are leaded nude ex-girlfriend selfies, snapchat nudes, leaked chat videos, and all sorts of content related to adult chat. This is one of those sites in which you may have to suspend disbelief a little, but in this case, it's pretty easy to do. There's a ton of content here, so strap in and get your mouse button finger ready for action.


Overall rating7.2

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There's a certain voyeuristic aspect to some types of porn, and I don't mean the actual voyeur porn genres. In the case of, what this means is you get videos and photos of people taken from things like IMs, chats, and various forms of electronic communication.

There are definite positives and negatives here, so I'll start with the positives. First of all, there is a virtual ton of content for members. Over 5400 videos and 8500 photos; that's a lot, and you'll never want for more here.

It also appears authentic, even if it's probably not. The premise here is that you're getting user submitted content taken from cell phones, IM chats, etc. To the trained eye, it's not all 100% authentic in this regard, but nevertheless, it looks good. It all has the feel of amateurs; most/all of it looks like webcams or cell cams, for example. Also, the women's looks vary all over the place, so it's obvious that these aren't porn stars.

The site is pretty simple, and this is both a strength and weakness. The simplicity makes it easy to understand how to use, and once you find something to watch, the options are basic and make for ease of use. On the other hand, with this much content, a stronger sorting system would help. There are some tools, but they're a little light.

Another negative relates to quality; since this is all supposedly amateur, resolution is pretty rough across the board. Most of it reflects the kind of quality you'd get with a webcam, or even a cell phone. No high def here, that's for sure. Resolution tops out at around 360p. That does it make it feel real, but be warned.

A few minor things that bug me here; the splash page shows one thing, and the actual site shows another; a little false advertising. Also, there are a ton of bonus sites, but videos are shared across them. Seems like a lot, but less than you'd think.

Amount of content: 5433 videos/8539 photos
Update frequency: 5 x/week
Exclusive content: Yes
Max video resolution: 640x360px
Video types: mp4
Photo resolution: 800x600px
Available for mobile: Yes


Take a dive in to the deep end with Chat, and you'll get a deep pile of content that'll keep you busy for a while. This site has lots to offer its members, and it all seems to at least feel authentic to its premise. The user interface is easy to understand; on the other hand, with this much content, a fuller set of sorting tools would be nice. Technical quality of content is low, but that matches the premise. Bottom line-if this is your kink, it'll get the job done.

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