Cherry Pimps Review

Review: April 18, 2016
Cherry Pimps

The massive base of content at Cherry is a huge selling point for this all all-access portal. Featuring a multitude of sites, this portal hosts a huge collection of mostly original content that is built to satisfy. Quality is strong with the vidoes and photos, but the user interface leaves a little to be desired. However, if you don't mind spending time browsing around, this site has lot of hardcore content from multiple stars.


Overall rating8.4

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I wouldn't say Cherry Pimps has anything unusual going for it; what this place might lack in distinguishing characteristics, however, is more than made up for in sheer quantity. That quantity is matched in quality; this is some well-made smut. The overall technical calibre of those offerings is also high. However, my experience was a little "off" due to the way that the site is put together.

First things first, however-I counted over 12,000 individual videos here. With that much, it's going to be hard to get bored. The site adds new content at a frenetic pace, with 16 videos added in the past week alone. There's also a ton of photo galleries for you pic hounds out there. It helps that this is a portal that pulls its content from 33 sites (and provides access to them as well). 22 of those are solo-girl sites (with some pretty big names, like Aaliyah Love and Adriana Chechik), and that provides members with a good bunch of original content that you should only see here. The rest of the sites are a mix of themed offerings with names like Sorority Kittens, Jizz Jugglers, and First Time Sluts.

The setup here, with the all-access portal agglomerating those sites, makes for some nice variety. There's lot of hardcore, but plenty of softcore as well. My feeling is that it's mostly well made porn. I found videos that date back to 2001, and those could be a little rough, but the newer stuff is top notch. On top of all that content you also get free pornstar live shows every weekday!

I had a few issues though; the site doesn't allow for easy browsing. With this much content, a good navigation system is crucial, and this one is only so-so. To browse through all the videos, I had to click a whole lot of times, for example. There are some search/sort tools, but they only help a little.

Lastly, the in-browser player had a few hitches here and there.

Amount of content: 10,000+ videos/500,000+ photos
Update frequency: Multiple X/Daily
Exclusive content: Yes
Max video resolution: HD1920
Video types: wmv, mp4, Flash
Photo resolution: 1024x682px
Available for mobile: Yes


The bottom line with is twofold. On the positive side, it's a massive all-access site with exclusive content from a bunch of well-known solo girls, with a nice mix of themed sites to boot. There's also a ton of content. Viewing options are good. On the other hand, the user interface is not the best, and made for some serious searching and browsing to get around. Additionally, there were a few technical hitches here and there. However, the monthly membership is cheap, so that helps; it's hard to beat.

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