Claudia Marie Review

Review: August 10, 2007, by Gabrio
Claudia Marie

Are you ready for some hardcore milf action? I really hope so since you are about to get to know more details about a nasty milf whore called Claudia Marie - she has some huge tits as well so I am sure that she knows how to use those too! You have also some trailer video clips on the site which will give you an idea about the contents you will find inside the site, lets check them out!


Overall rating6.8

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Time for checking out a hot milf site, the main page of the site looks very basic, white background (little strange) and at the top there is a welcome message for new members, right next to that they present the Latest Update which shows that she really has big tits by the way....then you have right there the link for downloadint the scene on your hard disk, video is in .wmv format and the speed is really good, it was around 420-430 k/sec which is pretty damn nice.

For this newest scene, which is a poolside tit fuck scene by the way, you will also find smaller clips available, they are around 5-10 mb in size. If you go down a few lines, you will find the full list of updates and I can see that she really likes to play with her HUGE titties and that's about it, you don't have anything else on the page, so in total you have 14 video clips available, not much to be honest.

At first I did not notice that you also have High Resolution Pics and Vid Caps for each set but in reality they put these links at the bottom of each page so until you scroll down and look with a little bit of attention, you will never find those links, hopefully I have scrolled down the page. The photos have a good quality and you have some nice close ups with cock sucking and hardcore action in general, .zip downloads are missing and pictures resolution is fine in the end. 2 Of the updates had only pictures so watch out for that.

The size of all the videos is around 150-200 mb and speaking about their quality they look good, they take a few seconds for buffering and they play smooth. The vid caps instead are a bit small in my opinion though they are a good way for having a preview of each video clip, so instead of downloading the clip on your hard disk you can see what is going on and see if the video is good for your taste of not.


If you like watching a busty mature girl that gets fucked while her tits bounce up and down, then you came to the right place! I have to say that this is not my piece of cake but even though this lady is not young anymore, she is still horny like you never imagine, I think that several younger girls are not as horny as she is, have fun with some hot MILF action now! See ya!

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