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Review: March 23, 2010, by Bigbrownbeaver

Easy to navigate, no bull shots of straight guys exploring their gay side! It is surprising at how many guys will do the gay thing on video for several hundred bucks. The photos and video are all high quality and downloadable. This site is archived from 2003 to present for ease of access. It is recommended you download and save to a file rather than streaming. The content is available in WMV, MPEG, P4 broadband or dial up choices.

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Overall rating7.5

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Once inside the member area of ClubAmateurUSA. Com the navigation is easy. The links to the other highlights to the site are on the left hand side of the page and you can check out the models, go to the video archive, member services, live sex, videos and some links for ads to be a model here. You can buy DVDs or watch VOD for the videos here. There are loads of hours of entertainment here for you to check out.

These guys are all amateurs who are curious about the gay side of life, and wanted to know what it is like. Hand 'em some money and they are more than willing to stick around on video and find out!

These guys aren't bashful by any means and enjoy all the cock sucking and anal play that goes on here. Sometimes it starts with a sensual massage for the first time by a gay masseuse who takes it the rest of the way. The site was started more or less as an experiment to see how many straight guys would go for a gay old time if they were paid to do it. From the videos here, it is obvious lots of them have a side they don't want their girlfriends and wives to see!

Sometimes, they discover they are really bisexual, sometimes they chalk it up to experience and are not interested in it again. Either way it is here on film for you to check out and decide for yourself if they are indeed enjoying the fun they are having. If there is more you would like to explore you can look into the VOD with all it's niches for pay per view.

You can contact the webmasters of Clubamateurusa.Com if you think you might like to take a chance and be on video while discovering your true sexual calling. They like guys 18-25 age range so there is always good looking guys here exploring their options. This is an interesting site to check out, the price isn't bad considering the hot sex adventures you will find here from badpuppy.


In conclusion: ClubAmateurUSA. Com is an interesting and stimulating piece of entertainment. It will satisfy your curiosity or make you want to try it yourself! The contact information is here on the site so if you are so inclined... You can check it out in person! Hot well built guys here for one reason: their BI-curiosity and a place to make a few bucks too. Price is reasonable, downloads and photos are high quality. Definitely worth checking out.

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