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Review: April 21, 2011, by Steve

Lady Cheyenne presents Club Dom, a fully exclusive collection of videos and photos of various fetishes covering bondage, BDSM, domination and humiliation. A unique to this site though is that it is fully maintained, owned and run by women, so this a chance to see a site is as full a femdom experience as you are likely to come across. These ladies don't just dominate on-screen, they dominate behind-the-scenes as well!

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Overall rating9

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There are currently 66 photo galleries but a massive 1402 videos for you to enjoy on this site. The site adds a brand new video every day but photo updates are rather less regular. The site's members' area will look pretty familiar to people who have seen a fair few sites in the last couple of years in terms of its layout and look as it uses a very well used template. The update information is very good and informs you of upcoming updates as well. There is also a very good section dedicated to the mistresses on the site so you can keep track of any favourites you make. Very well presented as you would expect from this system.

On the most recent videos at least, all are available to stream in Flash, medium and high quality .WMV format and .MP4 formats. The same options are also available for the video downloads minus the Flash versions. The best quality videos here play at 1280x720px, all nice and high definition for you! The photo galleries are all available in .ZIP files and most photos on the site are sized at 682x1024px.

Now, don't get me wrong - is a fantastic site. I don't want to spoil the end of the review by telling you that now! It really is awesome. But some of these guys are completely mental. Some of them are happy to be caned so much that a few of them come out of this site absolutely covered almost from head to toe in welts. What it does show you is that this really is for genuine hardcore BDSM and femdom fans - it's certainly not for the weak-hearted.

Yet, on the other hand, you get some scenes which are pretty simple and quite softcore smoking sets or straightforward handjob scenes (the ones that don't throw in some cock and ball torture, that is!) by way of a contrast. That unpredictability with their content, coupled with the sheer variety, the gorgeous mistresses who all seem to have their strengths, and the fantastically committed performances all conspire to make this a tremendous site. And that's even before you notice the insane amount of videos they have compiled here.


Club truly is a complete and utter triumph. It was interesting that it is an all-female project yet they are less bothered by that than they are in just producing really good, but they should be proud of almost every part of the site. Some of the content is extreme and even I found some hard to watch - but many of you will probably regard that as a positive, and it would be a positive surrounded by many others on the site.

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