College Fuck Parties Review

Review: March 3, 2014, by Steve
College Fuck Parties

College Fuck Parties sets sail to the campuses of various universities and colleges and sees what the horny students at them are getting up to! In this case, it finds them getting extremely drunk and throwing themselves into hardcore orgies that are then filmed for the purposes of this site. Their parents are not going to be pleased to see how these tuition fees are being spent, that is for sure....


Overall rating8.3

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This is generally quite a well presented site but I do think that it would have been very helpful indeed if they had included some update information as I did not see any here. What I did like was how each of the parties were split into smaller segments on their individual pages, telling the tale of what is going on in each bit but perhaps they could have complimented this by splitting the videos into smaller downloads as well. Good indexes, though, and easy access to the other sites in this network.

The video options on this site are fantastic with many different devices covered by download options from mobile quality right up to full HD. I have rarely seen such an extensive range of options on videos, actually. The streaming videos even have two different options for you to choose from. The photo sets all come with ZIP download options as well, so in terms of content options you really could not ask for much more from this site on that front.

The thing about is that even if the performers on it are not college students or are not amateurs, there is a mood and theme to this site that really makes the whole thing feel authentic anyway. That is really all I ask for on a site like this - if it can be absolutely real and realistic then get as close as you possibly can!

It manages to do that as well. The scenes here are largely really entertaining and chaotic and good enough that you really do feel at times as though you might well be watching some real college orgies. That is to the credit of this site and also to the credit of the makers of the site. There is just about enough on the site as well to make it worth your while.

Amount of content: 84 video sets and 84 photo sets
Update frequency: Unknown - no information on site
Exclusive content: Yes
Max video resolution: 1920x1080p (full HD)
Video types: Flash and MP4
Photo resolution: 1600x1067px
Available for mobile: No


College Fuck is a really good group sex and college porn site. I don't expect that it is updating as regularly as I would like it to be but as a whole it is a very good site with some really good scenes and galleries as well as a really good network to back it up. Great value for money and I doubt that many people would be disappointed by this.

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