Cosplay Erotica Review

Review: December 12, 2012
Cosplay Erotica is a nice little fantasy ground for fans of anime, video games, and hot and sexy girls. Have you ever wanted to see your favourite characters from Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat get naked and even get down with another hot character? Well, this is exactly where you can get that desire quenched. Real hot models playing in sexy cosplay costumes. The action gets pretty hot too and there's a lot more than teasing going on.


Overall rating8.3

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Cosplay is fun for cosplay fans. For those who aren't sure what cosplay is, cosplay comes from two words, costume and play. Simple enough, right? But the cosplay world defines itself a little more by not only dressing up in various outfits, but really taking a dive into the world of anime, video games, and movies. If you're a fan of these, you're going to like it here.

Really, what's hotter than Kitana and Mileena from Mortal Kombat stripping and touching themselves? OK, I guess pairing them up for some lesbian girl on girl action would win some points there. And guess what? That's exactly the type of material you will find here. Everything from hot posing and stripping, to spreading, masturbation, and even lots of girl on girl action is how they roll here.

Content-wise, I counted about 156 scenes. Each one of the scenes has a full photo gallery which looks really awesome. Besides good quality resolutions at 1000x1500, they take their time and add in a bunch of cgi type bacgrounds to a lot of the sets which help place the model in her respective world. So Chun Li is in China, the girl from Aeon Flux is over in that crazy verse, that sort of thing. Zipfiles are available for download.

136 of those scenes contain videos. You can stream them in flash or download them in either high res wmv, or lower res, mp4. They come in at 1920x1280 either way it appears. Bitrates are around 3000kb/sec. Nice. As for the videos, they are of the photoshoot but done creatively. There is music, artistic flare, and plenty of masturbation and softer lesbian action too.

The sets are broken down into video game, anime, and movie characters but the thumbnails are a little small. It can be hard to find your desired set this way.

There's also 134 bonus galleries which was just like the others and there's a live cam show every now and then. There's also wallpapers and calendars to enjoy too.

Amount of content: 136 videos and 290 galleries
Update frequency: 2 times per week
Exclusive content: Yes
Max video resolution: 1920x1280
Video types: flash, wmv and mp4
Photo resolution: 1000x1500
Available for mobile: No


Cosplay Erotica is a fun little site. Cosplay fans are going to love the attention to detail they put into the photosets especially. The cgi backgrounds kind of make things a little deeper. The photos are touched up quite a bit and made to look perfect and I suppose it helps give you that fantasy look. I really like that there's a fair amount of lesbian content mixed in too. Quality is very nice and is in high definition. You can also make requests and they actually do them too! Check it out!

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